During the first ever Taco Truck Tour in April 2009, we discovered the tour shirts we used for the event were nearly as popular as the tacos. It is easy to see how a good Taco Truck Shirt can give an extra bit of credibility when placing your first taco order. See how the tour shirt creates La Vida Taco as demonstrated by Taco Drew below.

These shirts are crafted by Skreened, a Clintonville based company that uses earth friendly inks, fair trade T shirts and pretty much any ethical business practice in place. These are high quality T-Shirts you can feel good about wearing. The logo for the first tour was created by local artist Robert Patricy. Why be taco tag-a-longer, when you could be a rico suave Taco Truck Tourista. Click on the link below to order a shirt for your Taco Tour Survival gear. There are tote bags as well for toting tacos and tortas or tortillas and Tequila.

Taco Drew has crafted new designs with more in store for the future. See what the power of a Taco Truck T-Shirt can do. Stay turned for more Taco Trade items at Skreened.

5 responses to “TACO TRUCK T-SHIRTS

  1. Any chance of getting a t-shirt in a size bigger than 2X? (of course, it could be argued that if I’m wearing larger than a 2X, maybe tacos are the last thing I need, LOL).

  2. Bruce Waters

    Ate tacos at a wine tasting from jr.s tacos and they were incredible! Am trying to get hooked up with a hat and shirt. Size large. Left my phone no. with them but never heard back.

  3. San Diego Native

    Since moving out here 3 yrs ago from San Diego, this is the most authentic to some of the taco shops in San Diego (although the menu is smaller…which I can live with). The Carnitas & Al Pastor burritos with just meat, cheese, beans & sour cream are very good and highly recommended. Next time I visit Juniors, I am going to see if they will do a Bean & Cheese with mole sauce (a So. Cali favorite). Another good addition would be California Carne Asada burrito (Carne Asada, potatoes, pico and guac.). Great website by the way!

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