Xochimilco Taqueria


2600 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43231

Driving down Morse Road, we came across a taco truck we hadn’t seen before. We stopped, and looked over the menu, which was small but listed a few things we hadn’t seen before. Most of what we were interested in wasn’t available, but a whole host of other unlisted items were.


In discussing the menu with the woman in the window, I cobbled together a few words of high school Spanish. See seemed amused – maybe even impressed? – by this, which of course left me utterly charmed by her. Her husband, I assume, sensed that I didn’t understand a particular unlisted taco option, called picadillo, and said, ‘one moment, you try’. He turned around, worked a ball of masa between his hands, and pressed a fresh tortilla to get it started.

While I awaited this taste, a small spry woman strode up and announced that if we wanted to order, we needed to ring the bell. I hadn’t noticed it, but yes, there was in fact a sizable bell somewhat reminiscent of the liberty bell just sitting there on the counter. I told her that we had ordered, which was sort of true, and that she could go ahead. She asserted that everything was good here, and when asked what she orders she said chicken tacos this time, quesadillas others. She said that she’s from Vietnam but that she loves Mexican food. She didn’t say that this was her taco truck, the one she relies on and feels fiercely loyal to, the one where she feels like she knows the owners better than they think she does. She didn’t have to.


The picadillo taco arrived – ground beef, potatoes, carrots, cilantro, onion. A little spicy heat. It’s free, just try, they said. We did. Delicious. We ordered two more of them, plus one asada, one lengua, and three vegetable options – squash blossom, huitlacoche, and nopal. They had Squirt, which is rare and nostalgia inducing, so two Squirts, too.

With her takeout order secured, the Vietnamese woman said ‘good talking to you’ and walked with her food into the beauty supply store next door.

The tacos arrived neatly arranged on colorful plastic plates. When it’s 76 degrees and sunny and the taco truck provides street side chairs and tables, you sit there and you eat.  As a known quantity to ravenous appetites, the picadillos disappeared first.

IMG_2996A trio of extravagantly hued robes floated by, inhabited by Somali women with soft expressions and purposeful gaits.

The asada and lengua were both solid examples of their kind, while the huitlacoche and nopal were only as good as something that comes from a can shipped from far away can be.


The squash blossom taco was best, and seemed perfectly in keeping with the experience – bright, eclectic, unusual but accessible. Squash blossoms, yes, but among what amounted to a grilled succotash medley. It may not taste as good to you as it did to me at that precise moment, but it’ll still be very good.


As we ate, customers lined up. Mexicans, construction workers, Mexican construction workers, guys with a truck whose contents led me to believe they were probably metal pickers. The woman in the window told the last person in line that it’d be a while before they could get to his order. Noting how quickly they’d become swamped, I smiled in sympathy. Seeing this, she looked at me with an expression of mock insanity and shouted, ‘beezy, beezy, beezy!’

As was the traffic on Morse Road, at least if sitting in lunchtime gridlock is busy. It’s an oft-overlooked section of the corridor for many, but it is alive.

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Antojitos Jacky

columbus taco trucks

3464 Sullivant Avenue
(Marathon gas station)
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-10pm. Sundays at Rhodes Park.

In preparation for our first Taco Truck Tour, we recently completed our annual survey of the trucks of the west side. This part of town had been fairly stable over the past 5 years, with relatively few trucks coming or going, but this year is different – we counted 5 trucks we haven’t been to before, and have reason to suspect there are at least a couple more.

Yesterday we only had belly space to give to one truck, and that truck was Antojitos Jacky.

chiccarones preparados columbus

They carry the traditional quartet – tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tortas – as well as preparations we more commonly associate with those sold at sporting events, such as fruit cups and chicharron preparado (pictured below). But hidden among the rest of the menu were a couple of curiosities – dorilocos and tostilocos.

mexican street food columbus ohio

We inquired, the owner explained, and we grinned – they’re walking tacos, either with Doritos or tortilla chips. This is not what we expected. For those of you who haven’t encountered them, walking tacos amount to a sliced open single-serving bag of chips topped with any of a wide variety of either Mexican (or “Mexican”) ingredients. Nachos in a bag, basically, and apparently a popular fair food in the Midwest.

Tortilla chips were sold out, so dorilicos it was. We ordered them topped with asada, shredded cabbage, diced cucumber, avocado, crema, a not-very-hot hot sauce, and ‘peanuts japones‘.

walking tacos

Suffice it to say it was delicious, but the joy of eating was secondary to watching an avowed hater of all things junk foody scarfing it down like it was her last meal on earth. “Who would’ve thought cabbage would go with Doritos so well?”, she opined incredulously. It was a good point.

And there we have it – the true joy of the Columbus taco truck experience. Each untried truck is an opportunity to discover something new, to gamble on serendipity and win. We’re looking forward to exploring the rest of the newcomers, especially the one that’s Chucky themed (bonus points if you find it before we write about it).



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Taqueria Gonzalez


(near Stelzer Market) 755 Stelzer Ave
Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: 614 589 3312
Facebook: Taqueria Gonzalez
Monday to Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday 3 pm to 10 pm

By count we can think of at least three other trucks that have called this spot home but Taqueria Gonzalez offers a few upgrades. The most noticeable is aesthetic, this truck is parked on what was probably a former trailer home site – it offers a sidewalk leading right up to the ordering window. There is a large picnic table with umbrellas available for guests to sit and relax while waiting for their meal or to eat it al fresco. Given the choice between waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport and eating a tasty taco here….the choice is clear cut.

The meal is standard Taco Truck fare as displayed below. The service is friendly and if you check out their Facebook page you will see that can come up with some interesting specials for the truck and for events.


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El Conquistador


El Conquistador
(Moved February 2016, current location unknown)
614 804 0330
Open Monday to Saturday 11 am to 9 pm

When I first spotted El Conquistador I had hoped this was the original – which served Dominican dishes. Well, this trailer now has a new owner whose menu is traditional taco truck fare but it is well worth checking out. The trailer is based as the newly renamed Blue Pickle (formerly Porter’s Pub). As I approached the trailer, several Blue Pickle patrons without being solicited shouted out to me that the food was great and I should try it. That was a good sign. I sampled the Flautas (rolled, crispy taco) sometimes called a Taquito. Flautas are served in groups of four with plenty of toppings on top. These were great. This is definitely a spot I look forward to trying out more this summer.





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La Moreliana Mexican Grill


La Moreliana
4490 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
(North side of lot, a few blocks south of Morse Road)
Open Monday to Friday 10 am to 9 pm,
Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 10 pm(?)

The trailer housing La Moreliana has a lot of history to it. It started it’s life as a mobile food trailer in Florida. Then the owners of the El Arepazo restaurants purchased it to be an extension of their restaurant. It had a good run in Clintonville at several locations including the present location of La Moreliana. In fact, since the exterior of the trailer has not significantly changed from its previous life as Yerba Buena, many people thought it was the Yerba Buena owners making another run at mobile food. (You can see on the photo below that the wrap still has sections that might make people think it is still Yerba Buena / El Arepazo).


The menu here is very bare bones: burritos, tacos, tortas and quesadillas. Tamale’s appear on the weekends fairly often. The Taco Trucker has dropped by three times and found the fare to be very basic with nothing really standing out from the rest of the menu. The family is friendly and their young daughter usually works the order window in the evenings.


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