Taco Truckin’


We are always looking for new taco trucks to add to this site. If you know of any taco trucks in Columbus that we have not included, please let us know. 

Here is a description of our taco truckin’ adventures



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4 responses to “Taco Truckin’

  1. Seth

    There is Taco truck on Stelzer just before El tacorriendo, looks very ghetto. Also El Tacorriendo has indoor dining and you have to try the Ceviche Tostada there.

  2. iota

    There is a trailer near the corner of 5th and Forsythe (right off of Neil Ave.) that is parked in the lot of a Mexican grocery/convenience store. The serve burritos, taco, and tortas. Unique system, you order at the trailer and are given a ticket, you go in the store and pay and your ticket gets validated.

    • hungrywoolf

      Thanks – Last time I checked they weren’t open for the season yet. I keep checking back and we will definitely add them. There are quite a few trucks we have found that are closed/ parked so I am guessing there will be more over the course of the summer.

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