Taquikin (Taqueria y Loncheria Movil)


2600 Morse Road (near Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue)
In front of Lev’s Pawnshop and by Salvation Army Thrift store.
Tel: 614 620 0831

Hours: 10-9 daily. Year round.

Click here to map it!

Probably the widest ranging menu including a wide range of meats (cabeza, suadero, pierna and churillira)


Tamales, Hot dogs and hamburguesas, Gringas (similar to a quesadilla – cheese & meat)

Serve Atole (custard style drink) when it is cold – and if you are lucky!

Home region: Jalisco (near Guadalajara)


This truck has been in its current location for about a year and the owners have had the truck for about 5 years.




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32 responses to “Taquikin (Taqueria y Loncheria Movil)

  1. la tapatia

    I love those tacos !!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe Atzberger

    Just ate there last night. High quality tacos! The hot sauce is hot but not blazing. The drink lineup is still just as pictured, but next time I’ll try the horchata (not pictured). I could imagine eating there a lot. Plenty of parking.

  3. javier

    muy buenos tacos y mucha higiene

  4. hungrywoolf

    NOTE: There have been several instances of people who posted here under two different names (verified through IP address) for the purpose of conducting a smear campaign. This will not be tolerated ever, and the offending posts have been deleted.

  5. High quality tacos!!! Real Mexican food, friendly service. I really recomend this food, loved their salsas, all of this plus a clean enviroment. LOVEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mark

    My daughter and I stopped in for lunch today and had a great time. It was our first experience with a taco truck, and we walked away impressed the quality of the food and the friendliness of the people who prepared it. We tried the tacos and split a torta — everything was delicious. We’ll definitely be making a return trip in the near future.

  7. t-bone

    stopped here a few saturdays ago. had two carnitas tacos mexicano. while good, they were not a good as new taco tao (shandley and karl) or taco nazo (161 and maple canyon) in abundance or overall taste/quality. this truck’s prices are a little lower than the other two mentioned above. friendly staff, covered seating, good salsas. recommended!

  8. OfficerSchmidt

    This place is the BEST TACO BURRITO stand anywhere. Hands down. It kicks Chipotle ass.

  9. Verito



  10. Schriner

    Had a few tamales here for lunch. Good stuff. Fun to put the salsa verde on the tamale rojo.

  11. t-bone

    Visited 3 times over the last 2 weeks. This place is now officially my favorite. Though I haven’t been able to make the evening trek to los guachos for their tacos pastor, the ones here rock (moist, lightly seasoned)! Added plus is the large array of self-serve grilled peppers, tomatos, carrots, onions, jalapenos, etc. A trick for gabachos regarding the jalapenos, eat ’em but work around the seeds or you’ll be sorry! Great salsas, parking, clean truck, friendly staff. I also tried the tamales rojo, awesome! They are moist with good masa flavor. I’d recommend they add a black olive for good luck (mexican tradition). Very highly recommended!

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  13. Bobby

    been to a few …this is my favorite…try the tamales

  14. Ashley Hearts Taco Trucks

    This is the closest taco truck to my house so naturally it’s also the one I frequent the most. You can smell them grilling up the meat just driving down Morse on some days. The gentleman that works the counter is so kind and the tacos are delicious – I prefer mine with carne. I can’t wait for it to get cold out so they start serving atole.

  15. The guy in the Buick

    Excellent tacos, mediocre burritos. Takes 20 minutes when busy. Haven’t been there in a while since I moved to the east side. I’ll probably go this week.

  16. Tom

    Just made my first visit. Tres tacos pollos. Loved ’em. Nice service, too…very forgiving of my poor Spanish.

  17. Craig

    Just visited this week with a buddy of mine while out looking for a PA system for our block party at Lev’s Pawn Shop. Very happy to see the truck and sat down for some serious tacos.

    The Tostado ceviche was very clean and crisp. I had three tacos – pastor, carne asada, and barbacoa – and love them. Great homemade hot sauce as well. Buddy had the lenga and said they were great as well. Have to try the tamales next time I am there.

    Also have a good selection of fresh cucumbers, radishes, peppers, and other condiments to add to your plate.

    Staff was very friendly as were the locals enjoying the food with us. Great place if you love the taco truck scene.

  18. t-bone

    i’ve said it several times. i’ve been to most of the trucks on here. THIS PLACE ROCKS! Very good food, friendly service, self-service condiments, outstanding homemade salsas (rojo y verde), cool fellow diners…. it’s all good. my favorite is tacos al pastor, americano. try the tamales too!

  19. Linda

    Just tried this truck today. Really impressed! We loved the variety of meats available, AND the way they’ve tried to make some veggie offerings. My husband raved about the lengua and chorizo. I loved the way they had veggies on the deck to add to your order. Tasty tasty YUM! This is a for sure return!

  20. jake

    The torta ahogada is phenomenal. Crusty bread with refried beans & carnitas drowned in a spicy red salsa served with onions. Bring your own fork and knife (the plastic ones will break) or get messy and eat with your hands. Either way this just went very high up on my list of delicious sandwiches.

  21. pablo

    esta muy rico todooo,,
    en especial las tortas,,
    quien las hara?
    bueno venganse a provar las tortas y los tacos
    2600 morse rd columbus oh 43231

  22. Blake

    Headed to Taquiken for my third day in a row.. lol 🙂

    Must-have Tamales

  23. Chris

    Went there last night with the family. Great tacos! We ordered just about every meat on the menu and each one was fantastic. The service was fast, the guy behind the counter was great, the tables and chairs were clean and neat.

    Great truck! We’ll be back for sure. Right down Morse from Easton, stop by and you won’t be dissapointed.

  24. Enjoyed lunch here yesterday, had mexician tacos (pollo, al pastor, carnitas) and tamales (pollo). Yummy homemade salsas, the red is spicier than the green mind you! And a fun chile/vegetable bar to choose from. And I think we downed the horchata in under five minutes 😉

  25. Tony

    Just made my first visit,3 pastores,going back here in just a few if that says anything! Definitely the best in columbus that i know of. THANK U Taquikin!!

  26. Lisa and Esteban

    The tacos and everything on the menu that I have tried was the best the salads are great and the seasoning (sazon) is better than any taco stand ever great job chimma (Taquikin) Thankyou from Lisa and Esteban in the black and silver truck

  27. Scott

    Just chowed down on some tacos from this truck. All good. Could have eaten seven more.

  28. Arcangel L. M. J.


  29. Michelle

    Ventured here last night for the first time. Three thumbs up! Two of us tried the gringas– different than we expected, but delicious. Our daughter loved the taco with asada. Nice seating area. Nice people. We will be back.

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  31. Anahya

    I LOVE this taco truck. I have a love for food trucks, so I had to stop by and try it. Prefer their tacos over chipotle and they’re only $1.25 per taco. I always get the chicken tacos with the cilantro and onions. Love their salsa verde too. Highly recommend!

  32. Tbone

    Closed. So sad – new truck up and running. Stopped by this past Monday. While friendly – difficult to order and the food was bland and subpar. Better upgrade their game on all facets or won’t last long.

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