El Camioncito Del Sabor Taqueria


AKA The Flavor Bus

Address: (near) 530 Norton Road

Cross-Street / Landmark: 7 Marisas. Also near Cardinal Grocery store.

Phone : 614 804 7065

Hours 9 AM to 10 PM

Click here to map it!


Home Region: Zacatecas

Although the truck is visually impressive, we were not fans of the food, not helped by the fact that they gave us American style tacos without asking what we wanted. Way too much sour cream.




American style tacos






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10 responses to “El Camioncito Del Sabor Taqueria

  1. James

    El Camioncito del Sabor is one of the best, me coming from Texas Camioncito is the closes to authentic mexican food, their carne asada tortas and chicharron tacos finger licking good. The green sauce just makes it Perfecto. 5 stars to mi amigos at El Camioncito del Sabor…

  2. Taco Truck Fan

    You ordered the wrong thing, man. You need to get the burrito carnitas, no sour cream. Get the green salsa and some limes. Also ask for some of the sauteed marinated veggies… carrots, onions and jalapenos. Their horchatas is amazing too. I often get it without ice the night before and have it for breakfast the next day. This stuff is good. And the bar behind it doesn’t mind if you bring it in so you can have a beer with dinner.

  3. E315

    I’ve eaten there many times. As a Mexican who was born and raised in California, I’ve had my share of trips to taco trucks. When I first the this place, I kinda chuckled because it reminded me of back home.

    Every time I’ve ordered a taco, it’s been served Mexican style (without me asking them). My assumption is that the person posting this location was most likely served American style food due to their appearance.

    It never hurts to ask, most places are happy to serve items any particular way you want it. For example, at this place, I always order at least, “dos tacos de tripas, bien doradaditas” (two tripe tacos, very crispy/well done).

    @Taco Truck Fan … you’re right, their horchata is amazing.

  4. jojo

    me as a mexican its to salty and greasy before back in the days like in the 2003 it was good right now i dont like it and to much herbs on it sorry thats my opinion

  5. Daiana

    This is the best taco bus in the world…..its my favorite and i always get my mexican fast food there…..and the seasoning of the food is just perfect….there is no bell on those tacos….i luv it…..XD

  6. chipotle_cowboy

    Ive eaten here many times, and I believe that, by default, they put lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream on everything. I’ve even specified “mexican style” and it still came Americanized. You need to just tell them “plain”…that seems to work best!

  7. AsianGuyWhoLoveMexicanFood

    I haven’t tried anything else besides the regular tacos with just steaks, onions, and cilantro. Maybe one day I will have the courage to try something new, but the regular tacos are so good that i’m not even tempted to try anything else.

  8. Ty Nungester

    I stopped at this truck just over an hour ago. I ordered Hurrachas with barbacoa and tacos with steak. They had cheese sour crwam and lettuce. The food was fresh and prepared nicely. Now the bad. The foid was also bland. Would have been much better with onions & peppers. I may try them again or not.

  9. Brad

    Just got a bite to eat from these fellows. Tacos, one carnitas, one barbacoa, one beche. Cilantro and onions. The flavor was focused on grease and the shells were fused together by the time it got to me. I had to go home and fetch a fork.

  10. The Champ

    We eat here at least once a week! Pastor Burrito no beans sour cream on the side. I also enjoy their chicken – chorizo tacos. Good people and GREAT food.

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