El Huarache Veloz (Mexican Grill)


Broad and Wheatland
Phone 614 272 3947 (for pick up) / 614 535 6170
Open 10 – 10 except Tuesday – closed

Click here to map it!

Has a TV set up near the truck roof for customers to watch TV – soccer matches

This truck has a very visible location on Broad Street and seemed busy but it wasn’t as clean as a lot of the other trucks and the food ranked fairly low on our list.




Steak taco


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8 responses to “El Huarache Veloz (Mexican Grill)

  1. antnee312

    Had the Huarache al Pastor. A work of art. Thanks for your site.

  2. 6a

    What is the difference between Mexican and American tacos? Cilantro and onion vs. lettuce and tomato (and sour cream…ugh)?

  3. Matt

    Published: July 21, 2009

    COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Columbus Board of Health closed two local restaurants permanently Tuesday afternoon and ordered four more local businesses to clean up their acts.

    – El Huarache Veloz (taco truck) at 2566 West Broad Street.

    El Huarache Veloz was to be closed for one day for food-safety violations.

  4. properpork

    I heard Veloz had pastor on a spit/rotisserie, not on the flat grill… es verdad?

    • tacodrew

      Not to our knowledge… it has been a few months since we’ve been around there, though, so I guess it isn’t impossible.

      Next time we’re on the west side, we’ll check it out.

  5. Brian

    I came here since I couldn’t find Los Texanos. It was ok. Not as clean as others and the menu is unreadable due to weathering.

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