El Tacorriendo


3344 Allegeheny (across from the VA OP Clinc at 420 N. James Road)
Take 670 to the airport – get off at James Road Exit
1030am-1030pm daily
614 560 0497

From Zactecas (Durango)

Click here to map it!img_2019

Tacorriendo’s motto is ‘No somos los unicos pero silos mejores’ (We are not the only ones but we are the best). While I doubt their claim, this is a professional outfit and the staff even had tacorriendo branded hats and jackets. This is probably the hardest to find truck and definitely a geographical outlier but the truck has been here for 6 years and seemed to have a loyal following. They have some of the best lengua and barbacoa in town and a wide range of protein options.



They serve shrimp cocktail as a special on the weekends. This was the only truck that we saw offering shrimp cocktail.


Serve their tacos etc. with sautéed onions which is different than other trucks where the onions are usually finely chopped and raw.


Ceviche Tostada

Ceviche Tostada

We went back to try the Ceviche Tostada based on a recommendation. Definitely worth a special trip. Refreshing, crispy and delicious.


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19 responses to “El Tacorriendo

  1. CalBuck

    I am glad I found this blog. I have been craving Mom and Pop Mexican food for a while. The mission of this blog is great.

    I went to Tacorriendo yesterday and was extremely happy. Big thumbs up to their lengua (meaty and not gamey) and their horchata (refreshing and not overly spiced and not artificially-spiced either), but highest props go to their salsa verde. The salsa verde is stellar – it is the perfect balance of sweet and kick. It really is perfect – try it on the beef.

    I also want to single out an anonymous good Samaritan. When I was getting into my car, I dropped my work keys (I was so excited about driving home and eating tacos that I did not notice it.). It is very very bad for me if I lose my work keys. A young man noticed after I pulled out of the lot, and literally ran my down my car (about a 1/4-1/2 mile). This was a man who clearly had a tough day working and did not need to inconvenience himself to help some random guero, but he chased me down. Whoever you are – thank you. Your random act of kindness is deeply appreciated.

  2. MMT

    Francisco of Tacoriendo caters and does a fantastic job.
    I host an annual Cinco de Mayo party. This year, I thought it would be fun to try and find a taco cart owner willing to park a truck or trailer in my driveway and serve my guests, freeing me to make the margaritas and enjoy the company of my guests. Francisco sat down with me at his small restaurant on Refugee Road and worked out a menu of five different items. He arrived at our house with a colorful trailer that left no doubt as to it’s purpose and two assistants to help him prepare food. The cerviche tostadas were a huge hit even among those who had never tried cerviche before. People in the neighborhood were slowing down as they passed our house to stare in wonder as our guests formed a line to place their orders. Neighborhood kids on bikes even placed orders (unbeknownst to me til I found out later) which I thought was pretty darned funny.

    Francisco would love to get more catering business from what I gather and after my experience I am basically imploring you to hire him so as to keep him in this wonderful business. We fed forty to fifty people for a very reasonable amount. One thing; don’t try to “steal” Francisco for next Cinco de Mayo, please. I get first dibs!

  3. Taco Truck Ken

    A good truck. The chorizo and pastor were particularly good. The tacos are slightly different than other trucks, in that the onions are grilled. Grilled is good! Salsa was on par with other trucks but nothing special. If you are waiting to pick up a friend at Port Columbus, you might as well have some good tacos, since the truck is in the neighborhood. Make your friend wait, they will understand.

  4. Airport employee

    The food is awesome! We place orders ALL THE TIME! I like the chicken tacos with what I call “the green sauce.” These guys have a gold mine to say the least. Everything is fresh and good. I have never had a taco with fresh cilantro,lime, cucumber, sauted onion,etc till Tacorriendo. It would blow your mind to see locals, guys in ties, and fan’s from cross town stopping by to grab this great food. Well done and keep it up. You guys are one of our favorite treats.

  5. Lauren

    This place is amazing! I went for the first time last night after I picked up a friend from the airport. My friend was very happy with his torta al pastor, but after he tried my ceviche tostada, he had to order one for himself. The ceviche tostada was literally one of the best things I have ever eaten. I’m going to start volunteering to take friends to/from the airport more often just so I have an excuse to go there.

    By the way, I thought it was nice that they have tables and chairs set up in an empty store next door so that you can sit while you eat. That’ll come in really handy during the winter.

  6. T-Bone

    Great food and service! Love the beef tacos.

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  8. Art

    May, 2010. Not that far from the airport, just off N. James. I found it easily. Very satisfied with the chorizo & al pastor tacos. I’ll be stopping in again to try other items. The couple in the truck are bilingual.

  9. Josh

    Awesome. I ate hear in Friday, 8/6/10; it was delicious. The portions seem larger than most of the other taco stands in town, which made me very happy. I highly recommend this location to anyone traveling in the vicinity. Excellent chorizo and homemade taco sauces. The lengua was a little greasy though. Adios!

  10. This is my go-to taco truck since it is the one closest to my home in Gahanna. I love to go here on Sunday mornings and get a chorizo gordita(sometimes 2!). Last Sunday I watched them make their red and green sauce while waiting for my chorizo. Fantastic!

  11. BOB

    I found this truck the other day by using this site. The food was great! I went back the next day since it was so good. Great people working there and everything was fresh. Great salsas!

  12. Since we moved from Chicago have been jonesing for a good local tacos!!! Because taco bell is not real Mexican food…..

  13. Happy Neighbor

    Everything I ordered was VERY fresh with generous portions. Their salsa is extremely good (I especially like the verde). Can’t wait to try more items from here!

  14. Josh

    Ceviche Tostada is Awesome. Better then most I’ve eaten in South and Central America. Very deliciuous and food and friendly staff. I go here for lunch often. Very cheap and refreshing! Their green and red salsas are superb. I totally recommend this taco stand.

  15. evild

    I’ve made it my goal to visit a different taco truck in town every and this place is #1 on my list so far.In the winter they have Mexican hot chocolate. For $2 you get an AMAZINGLY LARGE steaming hot cup of goodness. The Pescado Tostada was amazing, the al pastor rivals Los Guachos and the best thing of all? If you go on a Sunday afternoon, sometimes you can catch a local Latin band practicing in the nearby building and enjoy some authentic music with your meal! They have tables set up inside and everything. OLE!

  16. Brad

    Just made my first trip to Tacorriendo. The seviche tostada exceeded the hype, and all the tacos were great– we had lengua, buche, barbacoa, pastor, and chorizo. They even take credit cards.

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  18. estrellita

    This is La Prima,, well the tacos are the bum hahaah specially the Gorditas de asada hahah y los dos muchachos que travajan ahy (Charley & Fernando) <–que tiene una pil en la lenqua …,,, y charley que ama a Elmo y quiere ser como el cuando cresca,,(Nunca porque asi se va a quedar de chiquit,,,)
    oh Mi prima dice que las tortas de milanesa son las mas chinqonas haha que estan asta para chuparse los dedos asta de los pies,,, haha ta loca well muchahcos los quelemos,,

  19. William Parker

    I love Tacoriendo! I have been to their small little restaurant on Refugee but never the taco stand. Regardless, tacoriendo is the bomb!

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