La Popular


La Popular (W Broad St)
2323 Sullivant Ave at the corner of S Wheatland Avenue
614 584 2572

Open 11 to 8 everyday

Click here to map it!

La Popular is a small trailer that turns out consistently good food. It has been a popular (ha ha) stop on the Columbus Food Adventures taco truck tour. The owner is from San Luis Potosi.


Specialties: Migadas (pictured below) which are like a large sope. Rico Menudo – (weekends only) – beef/cow soup. They have a wide selection of meats including some of the less common ones: Tripa, cabeza, and cecina. We particularly like the cabeza (beef head). La Popular offers 4 salsas (most trucks just have two) and their avocado salsa is particularly good – watch out though it has a kick!





Variety of tacos

Lengua and Cabeza

Lengua and Cabeza


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9 responses to “La Popular

  1. jpfilthy

    I live right where La Popular is supposed to be!?! I have never seen it. I will have to investigate this. If I don’t come back with tacos, I will be sorely disappointed!

    • tacodrew

      Well… we don’t know where you live, but we drove by the corner of Broad and Wilson last night, and… it was there. Look behind the check cashing place, in their parking lot.

  2. Nick

    I just stopped by here. I had chicken, al pastor, tongue, and beef head. All were perfectly fine, but none of were anything I’d rush back for.

  3. Chris

    Maybe a menu would be helpful. Prices, mainly, but descriptions if I’m allowed to be greedy re: my information needs.

    • tacodrew

      It’s tough just to keep up with the ever-changing locations of these trucks – keeping up the ever-changing menus and pricing is a borderline impossibility.

      These trucks just aren’t structured in a manner that keeps up with information-age desires. They reward a ‘go with the flow’ mentality.

  4. Tim

    Just visited La Popular, and was delighted by the culinary experience. We had chicken tacos, chorizo quesadillas. Authentic and delicious! The “hot” salsa, which is a milky green, was espectaculario! The young woman working at La Popular was very nice and very English fluent. The prices were very awesome! Three items for under $5.00, and I’m stuffed.

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  7. Nells

    This was stop four-of-four on our informal tour last night (El Halcon, Los Guachos, Las Delicias and La Popular) and we thought La Popular had some of the most flavorful meat. The cabeza, lengua and spicy pork were all excellent.

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