Taco Nazo


2200 East Dublin Granville Road (Near Lev’s Pawn Shop)

Look for Walgreen’s sign

NE corner of SR 161 and Maple Canyon

Summer :Open 10am – 10pm, Closed Sunday

Winter :Open 10am – 8pm, Closed Sunday

Phone: 614.390.6346

Click here to map it!



Very busy and good truck with a friendly owner. The truck has been open for 4 years.

Home region: Michoacán

Nazo is slang for the heel of a boot. The owner is from Northern Mexico so it relates to cowboy culture

Speciality: Campechano (mix of beef and pork). We  enjoyed everything but thought the buche was excellent.

They serve Sopa de Mariscos (mixed seafood soup)  at the weekend which was really good.



Tacos and a gordita



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45 responses to “Taco Nazo

  1. CaliBoy

    I recently moved to Columbus from Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, taco trucks are on every other corner, and they are all pretty good. I am of Mexican parents and I know a thing or two about mexican food, obviously. Since moving here, I have been in search of a good, homemade tasting, taco. I visited Taco Nazo last night and was blown away. It was like being in grandma’s kitchen. The food was wonderful and the service was great. My compliments to Quicho. Can’t wait to go back!!

    • Sascha napier

      I agree! I am from Orange County, California (Near Santa Ana) and I have searched for 4 years for good mexican food, and this is the closest thing to home.

  2. hungrywoolf

    We went to Taco Nazo again last night. The tacos are very good and the amount of meat is very generous. The tasty campechano was a highlight but the winner was the lengua – really tender – almost melt in the mouth, like a good pot roast. wow. Definitely a nominee for best lengua in the city.

  3. my husband and i ate dinner there for the first time this weekend. the food was phenomenal! i had a chicken taco, buche tosta and carnitas gordita. i’m also from southern california and have been searching for good mexican food and this is it. PLUS – you can call ahead! way too easy for me to get my fix.

  4. Two votes from Californians means I will be trying this out soon! I got used to having phenomenal Mexican food when I lived in Cali and traveled in Mexico. Has anybody tried the tortas?

  5. JT

    We had the tortas tonight. The size of the sandwich the girl showed us with her hands in no way approximated the monster size of these sandwiches! I ate half of mine and moaned for an hour! I had chicken (because I’m chicken, lol) and hubby had the Cuban, which had sliced hot dogs on it plus other meats. Strange, but he liked it. We also tried burritos, which were similarly huge, and the mexican tacos, which had a huge amount of meat on them for the small size of the tortillas. Helpful and friendly! Fed 4 big eaters for $25. Will be going back.

  6. jared

    so fantastic that my brother had Quicho and his crew cater his rehearsal dinner. Just make sure that you do not try to go if Mexico’s futbol team is playing. i live in China now and i miss Quicho more than anything else in the USA that is not related to me.

    • kicho


  7. t-bone

    hmm… looked all over the area for this truck yesterday. nowhere to be found!

  8. JasonV

    The truck wasn’t there at lunch time today. But same for the one on Karl road at lunch time today.

    • Lauren

      I went there last night for dinner and it was there (and surrounded by cars and trucks). Had a great burrito, by the way. Maybe it goes somewhere else for lunch.

  9. t-bone

    ok, so i finally figured this out and have made 4 separate visits. though the truck is just behind levi’s pawn shop, it is not on the NW corner of maple canyon and 161 as the directions above imply (if anything, it’s just east of the NE corner of that intersection). So here goes…. good portions, friendly staff. the awesome barbacoa tacos are very juicy, flavorful and succulent. the carnitas were dry on two separate visits. tacos come with sliced cucumber, red salsa and limes.

    overall very good experience, however this truck would benefit from an outdoor table with some seating (you have to take it to go or sit inside your car).

    TTC Comment: We updated the directions. Gracias.

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  12. el super zorro

    un saludo para el quicho desde phoenix az. espero que me pueda mandar unos esquisitos tacos de alpastor o unas suculentas gorditas con su respectiva pinia etse etse men…viva el taco-nazo…

  13. crabtre

    Tonight at Taco Nazo I finally found the Mexican food I have been looking for in Columbus! I ordered three Mexican style tacos (Asada, Pastor and Carnitas) and a large Asada burrito. They were all wonderful, with the Pastor being my favorite. This was my first experience with a taco truck here in Columbus and it reminded me of my favorite Taco stands in Phoenix, Tucson and Southern California. Thanks Quicho for a fantastic experience! I’ll definitely be back!

  14. Shell

    Tonight made two nights in a row for us after trying them for the first time last night. I love this truck, they are so friendly. Quicho gave me his business card and welcomed us to call in our order! I got a quesadilla and they also have tostadas de ceviche which were very, very good! The quesadilla had this really good smoky flavor to it. Muy Bueno! My fiance had one taco each de pollo, asada y lengua. The pollo is seasoned very nicely and the lengua really was “melt in your mouth”

    Gracias to the guys at Taco Nazo!

  15. I have been going to Naco Nazo for years now and without a doubt it has the best tacos and gorditas in town. I am Mexican I have been to every Mexican restaurant in town and nothing hits the spot better then 2 tacos de carne asada and 2 gorditas after work. There are many Tacos in Columbus but their really not all good especially when you compare it with Naco Nazo. Quicho is a cool guy down to earth and so is his staff.

    You will not be disappointed.

  16. Marisa Gonzalez

    Hola kicho,
    Solo te quería dar las gracias por toda tu ayuda este domingo. De corazón te digo que eres una gran persona y que si no fuera por todo el apoyo que recibimos nosotros (OHCO) y toda la comunidad Hispana/ Latina de Columbus, nos estuviésemos perdiendo un gran recurso de ser mejor comunidad. Sin más que decir MIL gracias Adelante pro la reforma migratoria.
    “Juntos hasta la victoria” Santiago Rafael

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  18. RJ

    By far, Taco Nazo has the best Mexican food in Columbus!! Went there for the first time with my family today and loved every bite. Quicho and his staff were wonderful! I am of Mexican decent and have been looking for a place like this ever since I moved away from home (and my mom’s mexican cooking!) Mil gracias, Taco Nazo!

  19. Aaron

    I’m a Columbus native and gringo who was a little apprehensive at first about buying food out of a truck. But, I do know a thing or two about good food and Taco Nazo is some of the best in the city. Way better than any other Mexican restaurant in the city and better than most other restaurants in general. The lengua gorditas are incredible.

    • tacodrew

      The apprehension is, to some degree, perhaps natural, but the rewards are very very real. And, it’s worth noting that taco trucks are regulated and inspected to the same health standards as any restaurant. Glad you gave it a shot, and glad you started with a place as good as Taco Nazo. If you go back, tell Quicho we said ‘hi’.

  20. Patrick

    Went to Taco Nazo for the first time today and it was as fantastic as advertised. The lengua was especially good and I really appreciated the roasted chile on the side.

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  22. Mike

    Had the beef & pork mixed Gorditas yesterday afternoon. Outstanding! Had not seen these offered on this side of town. What a treat!

  23. Diana

    Today was our first visit to a taco truck, and we struck gold. OMG, the campechano tacos were out of this world, the carne asada burrito was perfect, and the sope (?) was awesome. The torta had to wait in the refrigerator until dinner, because the lunch portions were so generous. And Quicho was super helpful and friendly. We’ll be back!

  24. Garrett

    Am far from a taco truck virgin. That being said I live near the Taco Nazo and decided that would be a great new truck to try out. When I arrived I was one of three total cars in the lot and one was leaving. Soon after I ordered lots of cars started rolling in and were placing orders after my friend and I. We waited approx 35 minutes after our order to get our food, and few of the people that ordered after us had already eaten their food and departed. I doubt that it was due to complexity of our order because they were just tacos and a torta. Normally an order that is finished in under 10 minutes at other trucks. Not sure what the reasoning was behind it, didn’t bother asking. My friend wrote it off as the “gringo treatment”. The food ended up being mediocre compared to others as well. In my opinion the Taco Nazo had nothing that stood out from any other trucks and isn’t worth a special trip out of your way.

    • Oscar

      I’ve Known Quicho for so many years, He treats people equally regardless of their skin color, Most of his recurring customers place their order by phone before leaving to the taco-nazo. that way their order is already on queue by the time they arrive. greetins

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  26. Autumn

    My fiance and I live near Taco Nazo and we LOVE it!! Their carnitas are always on point and the tortas are amazing!! I love latino food and they are by far the best place in town!!

  27. Curtis

    They’re parked in Lev’s parking lot, set way back from the street, so keep your eyes peeled. Fantastic tacos and sopes! The Lengua is not the typical gray spongey cubes of meat, but a meltingly tender fall-aparty braised version I would liken to Barbacoa, given the seasoning. The Buche, which I thought was going to be pork tripe (described as “pork stomach” on the menu), actually appears to be pork belly….mmmmmm, pork belly 🙂 (Something was lost in translation, like Los Gaucho’s suadera which is described as “beef breast”, but is part of the brisket, not the udder…. I should stop taking things so literally).

    Highly recommended, will be back again very soon!

  28. Adam

    The Boss and I just went and got a couple of large burritos for lunch. I was born in Yuma, AZ, so I’d like to think I know my Mexican food, and I can honestly say that this is the best Mexican in Columbus. The chorizo is super flavorful without being overpoweringly spicy, and the carnitas have the slightest charring to give extra flavor. Will definitely try again.

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  30. My family and I have lived in the mid-west for 5 1/2 years. We are Chicanos from San Jose, California, 4th and 5th generations.
    We were all raised on authencit home made Mexican food. We have an appreciation for La Gastronomia Mexicana.

    • We love Quicho’s food and his wife’s Pozole, and the history and tradition of the food and it’s preparation. They ain’t just tacos; this food is native to America, unlike any “Mexican Grill”

  31. Debora

    Ajua! Que comida mas sabrosa!

  32. Phone number verified as correct.

    Winter Hours 10 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday
    Summer Hours 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday

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  34. John Doyel

    I ate at Taco Nazo when they first arrived about 8 years ago on the corner of Karl and 161. Go back as often as I can. Best burritos and tacos ever. Carne Asida always my favorite and Betty is a great cook as well.

  35. Kim

    Finally! Real Mexican food in Columbus. I am an Arizona native and have spent the past 14 years looking for good food. I found it here. We ordered tacos, a torta, a sope, and a gordita, love, love, love, we also both got horchata to drink and it was $15!!!! It’s not far from my house so we will be making more trips. Yum!

  36. Sean

    My wife and I ate here for lunch on Wednesday. We’re glad we did. The directions are accurate and the owner is very nice. Both men spoke good English. There are no seats so you can sit in your car….Awesome Food!!!

  37. Lengua, buche, campechano, pastor and carnitas all amazing. At first I found the tostada a little bland but then I remembered I had hot sauce, I applied it modestly and that tostada started singing. I have to say I did not enjoy the chicharon as I was expecting something fried and crispy, the flavor was there but I just could not push past the texture. Excellent overall, fresh, tasty and inexpensive.

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  39. Tbone

    Stopped by Monday. Glad to see pastor on the menu now. I waited 20 minutes for two tacos (not at all acceptable), but the food was outstanding as always. Volume appears to be affecting customer service. Hopefully they can work this out by expanding production capability without impacting quality. I’ll check back here soon!

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