La Guaguita

(This truck is MIA and no longer at the address below. April 2010)
2323 Sullivant Ave (near intersection with S. Wheatland)

Hours vary (approx 9am – 7pm) closed Sunday


Click here to map it!

So lets say that you’ve visited, ummm, more than a few taco trucks in a day.  You might begin to look for something a little different from the norm.  Well, different is exactly what we found when we stumbled upon La Guaguita, a west side truck run by a friendly Dominican couple.

Naturally, La Guaguita offers tacos and the like.  But Pedro, the owner, and his wife sized us up and quickly made it known that they offer so much more.

“Perhaps you’d like to try a little carne guisada?” Pedro said as he handed us sample plates along with some papaya smoothies.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Oh, yeah.  Tender beef in a big flavored broth atop rice and beans – a hit with all who tried it.

Tell us more, Pedro.

“This is ensalada de lambi – it has conch in it.”

And generous portions of it, too.  The salad was delicately seasoned and delicious, and came with a side of tostones.

“So, how’s the mofongo, Pedro?”

Well, much better than the photo makes it look.  For the uninitiated, mofongo is a savory mixture of mashed plantains and chicharrones – vaguely comparable in texture and flavor to a Thanksgiving stuffing.  La Guaguita’s version was topped with a relatively unobtrusive red sauce, several shrimp, and carmelized onions.

And, I think I detected an extra dollop of ‘yum’.

While the expected taco truck items are omnipresent, dishes like the above change frequently.  We’re already looking forward to seeing what La Guaguita come up with next.


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6 responses to “La Guaguita

  1. oooohh….papaya smoothies?!?!
    how was that?

  2. Latin100%

    The best Dominican food ever…They have more than Tacos..try I highly recommended!!!! Call them they will come to you !!!

  3. Taco Truck Ken

    The owner is a very nice man, who is very quick with the samples. The red beans and chicken over rice was beyond belief good! I also tried the mofongo with a side of deep fried pork chunks. How can you go wrong with deep fried chunks of pork! It is a very good place for lunch a couple of minutes from downtown.

    • tacodrew

      I’m with you Ken – we revisited these guys a few weeks ago, and still found an awful lot to like about what they’re doing.

      Their location is a bit off the beaten path, and the hours aren’t exactly the taco truck norm, but IMHO they’re worth a special trip.

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