Las Brazas Taqueria

Parking lot of Monro Mufflers and Brakes
4865 East Main Street
(formerly near 2254 Hamilton Rd until June 2009?)

Open 10am – 11pm, Monday – Sunday, Closed December & January


Click here to map it!

Las Brazas is a charming little east side taco truck, and the first to provide barstools at their service ledge for dining.  They are also the first to serve fries (a little underdone on our visit) with their tacos.  Las Brazas also carries strawberry and banana licuados, and is unique in serving Chicharron Prensado (pressed pork rind) as a protein option.


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5 responses to “Las Brazas Taqueria

  1. I think this taco truck has moved. It hasn’t been in this location for about 3-4 weeks now.

  2. Dan B

    I called the number given on the site – the señora who answered told me that for now the truck is closed but hope to open up in a bit.

  3. tony

    This taco truck move to the marathon on main st is no longer on monro parking lot any more questions call 614 5079121

  4. Chuck B

    I can confirm Tony’s post. This cart is now on the same site (E.Main & Shady Lane) in Whitehall that El Mantual Latino used to be located. Tried the pork gordita and a chicken sope. Of the two, the sope was tops! The sauces were fresh & tasty too! I liked the salsa verde (green) but it was really spicy. Will likely try it again for a torta or the tacos.

    • Chuck B

      almost forgot…the fries that came with the gordita were strangely undercooked, but that was fine, the fresh radishes & cucumbers were more than enough to quell the fire from the salsas!

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