Los Potosinos

los otosinos
791 E. Long St.

Open daily Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm

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Looking back through old posts, it struck us that the Los Potosinos write-up now seemed woefully inadequate. While it accurately portrayed the truck we first encountered in February 2009, it did not capture how this truck has blossomed over the last year. When people talk about Los Potosinos they usually mention the grilled chicken’ and rightly so, Potosinos is famous for its ‘pollo al carbon’, grilled chicken with a closely guarded and addictive marinade. It’s best right from the grill and can be ordered 2 hours ahead.

The pollo is not the only thing that sets Potosinos apart. In addition to the usual taco truck fare, Potosinos also has perhaps the most varied menu of all of the trucks with ‘restaurant-style’ platters including rice, beans and salad, daily specials, regional specialities, a children’s menu and some vegetarian friendly options. Pictured below is the pollo al carbon platter, which is also served with some warm corn tortillas.

Some of the dishes that are not found at other trucks include tacos rojos (topped with a delicious potato and chorizo mixture), chiles rellenos, crispy flautas, enchilada potosinas (fried red corn tortilla filled with cheese and salsa) [pictured clockwise]. They have also recently added some huevos dishes including huevos rancheros if you fancy brunch al fresco.

One of the more vegetarian friendly dishes is the tostada borraches, a tostada with whole pinto beans, nopales (cactus), crema, cheese, lettuce and lots of hot sauce. Borraches means drunk – and this spicy dish is apparently a hangover cure is San Luis Potosi where owner Lidia is from.

Los Potosinos is also renowned for its friendly service and customers are warmly greeted by the ever smiling Lidia. Generous and kind, she has a natural gift for making you feel welcomed. Lidia and Eladeo are proud of their food and love to feed people.

Los Potosinos also has nieves (Mexican ice cream) during the summer months.


Our previous post from 3/18/2009

Take a look at that.  Cucumbers, cilantro, diced onions and pickled onions – this is the real deal. When tossed atop the lengua, buche, or carne asada tacos, and finished off with a squeeze of lime and some hot sauce, you have something special.  No doubt, Los Potosinos was a favorite among all who sampled their offering.

This was true for reasons that went even beyond the food.  The kindness of Lydia and family was notable and their efforts to persevere among trying circumstances is inspiring.  As the upstarts of the taco truck world – they opened last month – they are working very hard to gain traction in what must be a competitive part of town.

If you’re in the neighborhood, do stop by.  You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and if you happen by on the weekend, you can look forward to this:

Not the best photo, but it still looks good, doesn’t it?  It’s called pollo al carbon, and it’s about as good as a marinated and seasoned grilled chicken can be. “Mexicans and Americans love our chicken!” Lydia exclaimed.  She’ll get no argument from me.

Here is some more backstory on Los Potosinos from CMH Gourmand.


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59 responses to “Los Potosinos

  1. potosina

    ive eaten at this taqueria and its the BEST!!!!! in all columbus…..


  2. We stopped by here today to try the chicken – it was the best we’ve had since we can remember. So good that we’re going back tomorrow afternoon for more. 🙂

    And yes, they are as friendly as can be.

  3. Seth

    I was floored!! Everthing was unbelievable. Lydia was the nicest person and really wants you to have a good experience, which will happen if you eat the food there. This is the taco truck standard.

    • Lisa Siegwald-Baird

      I stopped in for dinner today..was the first visit for me. Lidia was just the most friendliest person and full of smiles ! I ordered the steak tacos and my co-worker ordered Petillo Pollo (i think i pronounced it right ) I sampled his dish and everything that everyone has said about the food is true ! The chicken is out of this world ! My tacos were just the right blend of onion,cilantro and seasonings. The steak was tasty and delicate as well. I also ordered the tamarind drink..great taste and very thirst quenching. Since my residence and work is near this location,i am for sure going back !

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  5. nightlightconfessions

    I just returned from my first Los Potosinos experience. I asked Lydia to fix me up with her best dish. She served up pollo al carbon as succulent as I’ve ever had, with rice and beans that had a little extra something I just couldn’t put my finger on. All this was topped with a fresh sliced avocado. Lydia is so gracious and lovely, and her food was completely worth the trip. I’m already hooked.

  6. Bear

    Holy hell, is that chicken good. I mean, most of what they do is good, but the chicken is a show-stopper. Cooked for two hours… but beyond that Lydia wouldn’t reveal her secrets. Her mother’s mother’s etc. recipe — well, let me tell you, there’s a reason she’s so good-natured: she comes from a long line of happy, chicken-stuffed people. Damn!!


    • HOLA

      Soy hermano menor de Lidia Labra, antes quenada quiero darles la gracias Alos organizadores de taco truck y por apoyar a mi herma por dar aconocer la comida potosina por apollar ala comunidad hispana, y de la misma manera felicitar a los organizadores por ser un vínculo para promover la gastronomía mexicana, en la maravillosa ciudad de Columbus, Ohio



    Que bien que te este llendo bien en el buen arte del sason, en señales alos bolillos como se consina en SAN LUIS POTOSI, MEXICO que tengas exito hermanita


  9. Armando

    Los Potosinos taco stand is the best in Columbus. I love their tacos de lengua…They grill the meanest pollo al carbon!

  10. Muy Blanco

    The steaks were done just right… the ribeyes were spectacular…. the frijoles were really good. the beens seemed like they were refried extra…

  11. Sam

    Stopped by on the advice of Tacotruckscolumbus.com and was floored by the quality of the food. took home a whole pollo al carbon, had it for dinner, again for lunch, and probably for lunch again tomorrow! Lydia was super friendly as well.

  12. muy delicioso tia keep up the good work with those taaaaacos. ay ay ay aaaaaayyyyyy

  13. El Bandito

    Second stop on the taco truck tour. I had chicken tacos which were excellent. Again, very nice cilantro sauce.

    The pollo al carbon looked and smelled awesome. Looked like a flock of chickens cooking on a charcoal grill. Nice!! I am going to have to get some for dinner.

    There were at least 15 people at the truck during lunch time. Very popular place. The ladies working the truck are friendly. Don’t pass this one up. It is slightly off Georgesville Road. Look for the plume of smoke from the grill.

  14. Muy Fly Por un Hombre Blanco

    Pollo al Carbon is fantastic. Cilantro sauce adds a perfect zest which is tempered by the cool, fresh lettuce/tomato/avacado salad served with the dish. Although the stand was crowded, we were well attended to with multiple passes of fresh, hot tortillas. Next time I’ll try the tacos!

  15. Pollo Nora & Carnita Craver

    Nora and I visited Los Posotino’s last night. Both of said it may be the best chicken we’ve ever had. Nora ordered the Pollo Al Carbon plate with chicken, rice, beans and sliced avacados. It was so good that we bought a whole grilled chicken to take home to eat for the rest of the weekend. Don’t forget to try the ice cream which is more like a hybrid of American ice cream and Italian ice. The coconut flavor was amazing. It was icy and creamy at the same time. Made with coconut milk (I think) and bits of coconut throughout, it was delightfully sweet. Lidia and her daughter we gracious hosts. We felt almost like we were at a cookout in their backyard.

  16. Mike

    Does anyone know if the pollo al carbon is still just a weekend thing?

    I’m taking my girlfriend to Los Potosinos tonight and I’ve been raving about the chicken.

  17. Mike

    Just spoke with Lydia, she’s gonna make us one! Thanks again!

  18. yo vivo un poco lejos de su hubicacion pero tengo muchas ganas de probar el pollo asado al carbon asi que pronto nos vemos por aya .

  19. Armando

    When’s the next Taco Tour?

    • tacodrew

      We are looking towards the end of summer for the next tour, though we expect to have at least one more single truck ‘meet up’ before then. Keep an eye on the site for details as they become available.

  20. Seth

    Has anyone else had the ribs yet?!? Yes now there is chicken al carbon and ribs on weekends! Good stuff!!

  21. Schriner

    the kindest lady on the west side…

  22. t-bone

    sampled tacos pastor yesterday. pretty good flavor, good sauces! friendly staff and clean environment. 4 amigos were eating the pollo al carbon and it looked outstanding! i’ve got to try that next time. disappointed they did not have any ice cream on this visit….

  23. Graciela

    Definitely try the costillos de puerco as well. They are pure porky deliciousness.

  24. iceweazel

    In honor of National Taco Day, my 16wk old daughter and I stopped by here. Sadly 2:30pm was too early for the AMAZING smelling chicken. the grill was out, and loaded up. Initially I had driven by but the smell got me pointed the correct direction. The tacos were delectable, and the sauces tasty toppers. The folks were friendly and gracious. I tried just about all the taco selections (lengua was the best, with al pastor a close second) and then was too full for the home-made ice cream. Well I’ll be back later for some pollo al carbon, so the ice cream will have to wait.

  25. Graciela

    Lydia has some delicious winter menu items now. I’m especially excited for the atole de pinole, which is hard to come by in Ohio. Caldo de res also is excellent.

  26. crabtre

    So this makes it two Taco Trucks in two days. Pollo Al Carbon, Carne Asada tacos and burrito and Al Pastor taco. Brought it home for the family and they all loved it. The chicken was unbelievable… I’ve never had any chicken as wonderful as this anywhere and the rest of the food was fantastic as well. Lydia is very nice and I am excited to return soon to this wonderful taqueria

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  28. Jean

    I am totally in love with Los Potosinos. We went today for lunch, and the food was terrific! Best Mexican food I have ever had, and the best of the trucks we have tried so far. I had the pollo al carbon tacos and my friend had a torta with bacon and eggs. The owners were super friendly and courteous, and we had a great experience! I would recommend this truck to everyone.

  29. Kate

    Oh my – the food here was delicious and there were a lot of meatless items to satisfy my husband (I didn’t want to ask if the rice and beans were safe for vegetarians because we both really wanted to eat the menu here – bad me, I know.)

    Also? Everyone was soooooo nice.

  30. Cat

    Finally went here today for lunch and tried the tacos rojas potosinos. Its the grilled chicken inside tortillas dipped in red sauce, rolled, with sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomato on top. It is my new favorite.

  31. Mark

    Some coworkers and I have made it our mission to visit all the different taco trucks in town and we all agree that Los Portosinos is absolutely THE BEST of all of them. Not only is the food great but Lydia and Eladeo are also great folks who go out of their way to make sure their customers are well taken care of !!!

    My personal favorites are the pollo al carbon and also the chicken tacos…SO awesome! I used to live in California and after moving here I really missed the authentic mexican food. Since finding Los Portosinos, I’m not missing California as much 🙂

    Please give yourself a treat and visit Los Portosinos, I’ve not come across anyone who didn’t love it!

  32. The Chorizo tacos I’ve had

  33. hermas

    I have been looking for a good mexican restaurant for a while,but I had not been able to find one then I found this ad on the bottom of a newspaper I started to look for it on the net found alot of reviews I was wowed by the reviews,so I had to try it.Myself and a couple of friends decided to try it we well never ever eat anywhere else their food was awesome and the reviews were right the service is awesome also.If you love mexican food this is the place to eat.

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  35. Last week I ate at Los Potosinos for the first time. The food was amazing! There were four of us and we tried the Pollo al Carbon as well as the burrito and the pollo flautas. Best part was the sweet rice soda and the cantelope soda. So delicious! None of us was disappointed and it was well worth the drive to the west side. Service was outstanding and the only disappointment was that they were out of the Mexican ice cream, so I guess we’ll have to go back! Bonus – they were installing a huge new flat screen tv on the side of the truck facing the dining area! Now we can watch Mexican soaps or the OSU game while we are there! The other very nice touch is that they have a sink on the side to clean up after your meal. Love this place!

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  37. mark

    Los Portosinos is my favorite for many reasons but I believe they’ve moved and no longer on Lincoln. Heard they’ve moved to the east side? Is this true? If so, has anyone been to their new location?

  38. We are in regular contact with Lidia from Los Potosinos – once the dust settles we will let you know what the status is with them.

  39. Jim MacDonald

    ate here on superbowl sunday (2/6/11) fantatic tacos….we live around the corner in bexley….we’ll be heading back for sure!!! thanks los potosinos: you make me miss california a little bit less

  40. Carmen

    Ate at the new location (Alum Creek & Livingston) yesterday, great food! The best Taco Truck in Columbus.

  41. evild

    I’ve been to a ton of taco trucks and this one is the best. I loved the pollo al carbon and the tostada borraches are awesome. Sadly, they’re getting away from making nieves (Mexican Ice Cream) but I was happy to see homemade Jamaica available–my FAVORITE summer drink! Lidia was even sweeter than I could possibly imagine. I’ll be back for sure.

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  44. We stopped in with our daughter today and Lidia offered her chicken from the children’s menu. It was outstanding and a great deal for $4 – big piece of chicken, rice, beans, and lettuce/tomato/avocado salad.

    I highly recommend the enchiladas potosinas. I wish she would rename them because they aren’t like enchiladas as the tex-mex restaurants call them. These are small folded pepper tortillas with a bit of cheese inside, grilled, and topped with sour cream, cheese, and avocado. Served with beans, this is another fantastic vegetarian offering.

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