Taqueria Jalisco


Mulita, Chorizo taco and lengua taco

Address: 4664 Cleveland Ave. Between 161 and Morse Road.

Location alternates between two Cleveland Avenue locations. Winter location is in front of AAA Cash Advance.

Phone 614 595 4202

Hours:  10-9 year round (unless sub 10° F).

Click here to map it!

This is one of our favorite taco trucks and one we visited multiple times. Very friendly owners and great tacos and mulitas. Here hungrywoolf first developed her love of lengua.


Owner Jorge Martinez and his brother Oscar.

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez

Home Region: Jalisco

Specialities: Pollo Loco, Lengua, Sopitos and Mulitos,
Birria de Chivo (Goat) – weekends.

Mulita and Sopito

Mulita and Sopito


Buy 5 tacos and a drink and get a 6th taco free. 10% discount if you spend over $30.


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23 responses to “Taqueria Jalisco

  1. Jane

    This was my favorite for sure! And Oscar is cute, a nice side-benefit 🙂

  2. Finally made it up to this truck today. The food was great. My friend and I had a nice sampling of the steak, chicken, and pork tacos and I also ate a Mulita (which I really really liked!). I never would have stopped at any of these trucks if you didn’t have this site up. Thanks for turning me on to them.

  3. This is my husband’s and my “home” taqueria and we LOVE it! Their summer dining area is a nice addition and the people can’t be nicer. I just tried their sopitos earlier in the week and WOW I have a new favorite! Sometimes I dream of piles of cilantro…

  4. jessica

    i like there tacos but the last time i got tacos from there i got radishes that they gave me in a bag and they had mold on them so i will never eat their again. I go down the street to the taco stands on morse rd.

  5. JasonV

    Visited this truck today for lunch. Great chicken tacos. The meat was tough on the carnitas tacos. Excellent quesadilla.

  6. Seth

    Definately try the shrimp special, on Fridays (maybe available all weekend, but i am not sure). Its $10 but it will easily feed two people. Its a ceviche and its “cooked” much less then us gringos are used to. They will offer to actually cook it for you

  7. t-bone

    visited this truck a few times now and sampled the asada, pastor, carnitas and pollo tacos. all were pretty good, though i think the asada and pastor were the most tender and flavorful. also had the carne asada plate once. it was also good, though i expected a bit larger portion. salsas are adequate (i always want ’em hotter!). a bonus is the covered area next to truck for outdoor/onsite eating! staff and customer have always been friendly. need to note they messed up my order twice out of the four times i’ve been there. i’ll be sure to pay attention to that next time.

  8. t-bone

    Darn it! The carnitas were dry today! Asada was very good. I sure like their salsa rojo.

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  11. JeffK

    Stopped by for dinner with wife last night. Very tasty lengua, asada, and pastor tacos. The chorizo mulita and wife’s chix burrito were excellent. The girls behind the counter were friendly and helpful. We’ll be back soon to try the ceviche and the sopitos!

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  13. Love it, love it, love it. Everything was great, including Jorge in helping me decide!

  14. Jen

    They just opened a smoothie shop next door!! It’s called Bionicos El Grullo (they’re on facebook!). I’ve tried one of their smoothies: They’re pretty sweet, seeing as they put extra sugar in them, on top of the fruit, milk, and yogurt. I also tried a bionico there; it’s basically Mexican fruit salad. It has yogurt with different kinds of fruit (i.e. bananas, apples, strawberries, etc.). They put different toppings on them, too. I tried mine with one of those de la rosa candies on top; it was delicious!!

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  16. Dave

    Love This Place. Have been eating their Tacos for years. Tacos are excellent. Over the years, I’ve only gotten dried-out meat fillings three times and was very dissapointed. I always vow to never go back, but I couldn’t ‘t stay away. They always redeem themselves on my next visit. I would highly reccommend their Tacos.

  17. This is my favorite taco truck of all time and probably FOREVER! Not only is the food absolutely delicioso, but the family is SO freaking NICE. Prices are low, they are GOOD honest hardworking folks living what I perceive as the ACTUAL AMERICAN DREAM! And go on the weekend (EARLY) and stop in at their sister Yesenia’s store Bionicos El Grullo and get some FRESH flavored FRUIT water! It changes every weekend, last weekend it was Cantaloupe and sooo yummy! I just can’t say enough good things about them! OH, and the CARROTS!!! They got so busy that they will no longer hook me up with extra carrots or even let me buy a side of them… Good for them that business is AWESOME, sad for me, because I REALLY LOVE THOSE CARROTS!!!

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  19. The best tacos of Columbus Ohio 😚😚😚😚

  20. Natasha

    I’ve visited many taco trucks around Columbus and Taqueria Jalisco is by far the best. I’m not a big fan of Mexican food and most of the trucks that I’ve visited in the past carne asada was pretty bland. The carne asada tacos at Taqueria Jalisco are so flavorful and delicious, I also get their pollo tacos. I go there so often that I order over the phone as a to go order and by the time I get there my food is already done. I tell all my friends to stop by and give it a try. They have excellent customer service and are very friendly. I was very happy to see that they made it on the list. 🙂

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