Las Delicias


333 Georgesville Road by ‘The Candy Store’ (not candy for children!!)

The truck has been in its current location two months and the owners have had the Truck for a year.

Open 11 am to 11 pm (10 – 12 in the Summer) Closed on Tuesday

Click here to map it!



The speciality is the Huaraches (they were the best we tasted at any of the trucks so far). Huaraches are a flat corn bread, homemade for the truck and grilled with a crispy edge. CMHGourmand was also a fan of  the Milananza Torta.

Huarache base

Huarache base



Torta milaneza

Milaneza Torta


Tripa and Lengua Tacos

cilantro sauce

Guacamole/ cilantro sauce and hot sauce

They may not have candy but Las Delicias is also a neveria (ice cream van). Through the summer (from the beginning of May) they serve Mexican ice cream with flavors including coconut, strawberry, melon and lime. They usually have a stall selling it at the Latino Festival. I had a sneak preview of the coconut ice cream and it was amazing, really refreshing with strands of real coconut.

The owners are very friendly and the food is very good. Definitely a recommended truck.


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15 responses to “Las Delicias

  1. Just tried it out today!

    At Las Delicias we decided to go bigger and order burritos. They were $5 each and I went with barbacoa while Anne got chicken. To my surprise they were larger than Chipotle burritos and extremely filling, which is why we cut the tour short. We both enjoyed these quite a bit, and the flavors were great, but I was surprised to find that the burritos were filled with lettuce and sour cream. I thought that was an american invention? Or perhaps I forgot to specify that I wanted the non-gringo version? 😉 Either way, I tried my best to eat around the lettuce (which I don’t like) and enjoy the rest of it.

    We’ll definitely be back for more. 😉

  2. Wow…this looks incredibly good. I’ll have to stop by next time I’m in Cbus.

  3. Bexley - Eastmoor - Berwick Realtors

    Hmmm. maybe Las Delicias and Delicious Real Estate could work out some kind of a package deal….

    Free Huaraches for a year with every home purchase maybe? Looking forward to getting into this taco truck craze. The hole they fill in the Columbus market is pretty big.

  4. El Bandito

    Stopped by this truck today. This is my first stop on the taco tour. Don’t let the strip club deter you from eating here. It just adds to the charm.

    I had the old standby, tacos carne asada. Tacos were good. Service was good. The guacamole/cilantro sauce was awesome. Just the perfect kick.

  5. t-bone

    sampled today. went with barbacoa and carnitas tacos. barbacoa was juicy, mild and outstanding. carnitas a little dry. i would’ve liked a bit larger portions. the red sauce and guacamole were very good and the service was prompt and friendly. recommended!

  6. EDub

    Just tried this place today. Had the chorizo, pollo, and pastor tacos. I would recommend them in that order. The chorizo was quite flavorful and served with radish and cucumber slices. The pollo was shredded and a tad dry. Colorful location in the strip club parking lot, mexican music floating over from the neighboring construction workers. Watched another customer eating his meal resting on the wagon’s propane tank. Service was quite friendly. Recommended!

  7. Taco Truck High

    I went today with several co-workers. Very pleased, especially with the Chorizo Supreme Taco. Excellent! Pollo Supreme Taco also good, but not as much as the Chorizo. Barbacoa taco relatively bland. Others in my group had Asada and Pastor Supreme and said it was very good. We will definitely go again! Based on a previous post, I’m already thinking about a Chorizo Burrito!

  8. Cathy Treyens

    How updated is this site? I want to go this weekend and reliability of these trucks seem sketchy in February 17, 201o

    • tacodrew

      The site is quite up to date. The reliability of trucks this time of year is a different matter – it’s simply not ‘high season’ for taco trucks – hours and days of operation may change from week to week.

      We’ve provided phone numbers for all of the trucks – if you’re set on any of them, I’d recommend calling them first.

  9. Ms. Treyens….Please read the site before posting. See the Taco Trucks of Winter Post…our most recent and the FAQ section which addresses your comment/situation or feel free to send us an e-mail. The site was created to aid your search but if the resources provided aren’t used there is not much more we can do.

  10. Kate

    My husband & I just got back from our mini-taco truck tour. We really enjoyed the coconut and lime ice cream from this truck! It took the entire large cup to recover from the spicy heat of our meal from Las Delicias II!

    Thanks for all of your hard work creating and maintaining this site!

  11. el chinchorro

    Que buena comida!!! Y lq dueña muy amable.mucho bueno sabore!!! Sigan adelante.

  12. zod

    Tried the Las Delicias huarache al pastor today. Prices aren’t posted, but it was $6, and huge–too big for lunch so half came home. It was tasty, similar to a burrito except better with the corn base. The 2 men in the truck were nice, “happy to see customers” as one said. Their green sauce is delicious! And the subtitle to the “gentleman’s club” is a hoot.

  13. indonoodle

    I visit this truck at least 2x/mth, maybe more. I think this is the best one so far in C’bus area. Even my picky son luv their tacos. Chiccarones, linguas, tripas and carnitas amongst our fave meat now. 🙂 And for hot sauce lovers…try their pickle (w’ever it was, looks like pickle for me) has habaneros n Red Onion…but be careful, have milk handy. They’re so hot, but boy…delisshhhhhh.

    Just FYI, according to the cook and/or owner, they open till 1 am….and this also1 of the reason why I go here. They open late & it’s great. 🙂

  14. Roxana

    I was there today 10/13/2012 and these are the worst tacos/huarache I have ever had! I couldn’t even finish the food. Not even the beans on the hurache were good, and trust me nobody can screw up fried beans.
    Gringo friends, eating at a taco truck does not mean the food is necessary good, you have to find the right truck,. The food here is like recommending burguers at White Castle

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