Mi Chula

(This truck is closed and not expected to reopen. April 2010)
SE Corner of Sullivant and Holly Hill

Open every day except Wed., 10am – 7pm, April – October


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Ummm… say what?  Mi Chula?!  I’m even not going to begin to hazard an opinion on which definition of the word ‘chula’ should be understood as correct…

Anyhow, let’s not linger on that, because these guys are interesting for more than just their name.  Exhibit A:

Mi Chula

Ceviche kora and aguachiles.  Exhibit B:

You seeing this?  No barbacoa, asada, or buche – the menu is almost all (if not completely) seafood-based.  Pescetarians rejoice!

Since we stumbled upon this place as we were returning from the (ever-so-gluttonous) taco truck tour, our capacity for sampling Mi Chula’s wares was limited.  We did try the ceviche kora and aguachile, though.  The kora was a refreshing and summery mix of cooked shrimp, mussels, and a white fish topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions and served cold. The aguachile was an equally pleasing offering comprised of raw shrimp in a chile verde sauce with similar vegetable toppings.  We also managed to try the camarones al gusto – a generous portion of cooked shrimp in a garlicky red sauce – which were tasty and marred only by a slight excess of salt.

Obviously, a lot of intriguing options were left unexplored.  We intend to rectify that soon and will report back.  Watch this space!


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9 responses to “Mi Chula

  1. I’m enamoured with their fish and shrimp empanadas, and my husband loves their ceviche tostadas.

    As for the name, after some research, it turns out “mariscos mi chula” means…”pimp my seafood”. No joke. Love it.

  2. Graciela

    We go into Marathon and grab a beer. The girls are happy to give us a big cup in which to make a chela, the best bebida for ceviche!

  3. Mi Chula is gone now, there’s a gyro truck there now in it’s place.

  4. MTallan

    The two young vivacious and rather cute “girls” who run this cart are right across from Otro Rollo and they don’t seem to have regular hours-though Friday afternoons seem to be a sure bet. They have a pimpin’ hot pink pick-up which they park right behind the trailer. Today I sat down next to two young Mexican guys, and the two girls were flirting quite a bit with one of them. One kept cupping her ta-tas suggestively to him. I quietly ate my tostadas and pretended not to notice while I nontheless enjoyed the show. Sex and seafood tostadas. What a concept. I like it. The tostadas look beautiful and the shrimp pop with flavor. The provocative one assembled my tostadas with a spoon from containers working right out of the refrigerator in this tiny cart. After visiting Las Brisas where I found the tostada mixta and the tostada pulpos both rather flavorless, moribund, and bland, this was quite refreshing. Like I said, a different twist on taco carts.

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