Victor Food

755 Stelzer
(In front of Stelzer Market)
614 235 3027
Open 10 AM to 8 PM, every day

Click here to map it!

When the Taco Truck Team found Taco Nitos it was at this location. Parked nearby was a red “Ghost” truck. Nitos’s told us the owners of the carry-out planned to open the red truck in the future. The carry-out owners are from the Middle East so we hoped for a falafel truck but such was not the case.

The workers at Victor Food are Mexican and so is the food. This is an interesting spot for a truck – right by the airport, with a Holiday Inn and Thrifty car lot across the street and a trailer park at the back.

Victor Food opened at the end of April 2009. (Nito’s moved to the West Side). This truck has the least inspired name of all the trucks in Columbus. The previous name was El Coqui, which are frogs native to Puerto Rico – much more exciting. The possibility of Puerto Rican food was exciting as well. I must admit, I was not too excited looking at the truck. Even though the name is lame, Victor Food food is not.

The menu is simple and smaller than most trucks. There is a new term on the menu board – desebroda which means shredded beef (normally the term barbacoa is used).

The large window at the front of the truck allows you to watch the full cooking process from freezer to grill. This can be a plus. I ordered the Torta Cubano. This year, I have sampled several Torta Cubanos/Cubanas in Columbus. At first I had visions of Cuban sandwiches – pork, ham and cheese. You get those ingredients with Mexican Tortas Cubanos but every place varies the rest. Some places do pineapple. Most heap on hot dogs. All the trucks and taquerias pile a lot onto the torta roll. It is better to think of these sandwiches as Mexican Dagwoods.

This is the Victor Food version of a Torta Cubano:

milansa pork or beef
grilled ham
grilled and sliced hot dogs
ground, hot chorizo
white cheese
jalapeno peppers
one full avacado, sliced

Served on a grilled torta bun with cucumbers and your choice of salsa on the side. The sandwich is sliced in two hard to handle halves. At $9, this torta is a bargain – it feeds two people easily.

The truck shows some promise so we will see how the summer fares for Victor Food and post updates later.


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6 responses to “Victor Food

  1. Is that.. real torta bread that I see? and not French bread? I think I may head over there today.

  2. Brian

    I’ve been stopping here once a week lately for lunch, and everything I’ve tried so far is pretty good. I’m a big fan of the chorizo and lengua gorditas, and the seasoned pork (al pastor?) is good too.

  3. The guy in the Buick

    I’d recommend other places instead of here. Not all that good. I live walking distance, but if they want my business, they should have left the bones and grissle out. Change gloves when handling raw meat or I will get saminella

  4. KB

    This place has an excellent horchata, straight from the big glass jar.

  5. Art

    2010 price of tacos is $1.50, the same I’ve found at other trucks. Tacos were on the greasy side. I’ll move on, might check it out later in the summer.

  6. ron

    Tried Victor Foods a couple of times now. The first visit, they had limited items (no lengua, tripas, buche, etc). I settled for a Taco al Pastor. It was greasy and not very flavorsome. The last visit a couple of days ago yielded a Torta Cubano. The milansa pork was very chewy (think jerky) and the roll was burned on the bottom. There were no hot dogs on it. The red and green sauces were decent and medium spicy. The horchata is very good. Can’t say it’s on my return list except for a quick horchata. El Tacorriendo or El Octavo Sabor are better bets and just a couple of blocks away.

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