Taqueria Little Mexico (closed – sold to new owners)

3900 Sullivant Ave (in front of Ohio Thrift)

Open 10am – 9pm (sometimes close earlier)

Click here to map it!

From Michocan

Taqueria Little Mexico is reputed to be Columbus’s first taco truck and it therefore seemed an appropriate choice as the starting point for our first taco truck tour. Little Mexico is a well established truck with a standard offering, they specialize in the basics and execute them very well.  The owners are friendly and the food is extremely good value.

Our favorite items include the gorditas which are among the best in Columbus (we usually get carne asada) and the melon agua fresca, which was a big hit on the tour. They also have good horchata and a good selection of meats.


Here the owner shows off his homemade gordita shells.


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6 responses to “Taqueria Little Mexico (closed – sold to new owners)

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  2. iceweazel

    This truck is MIA as of about a week or so ago. Not sure if they packed up for the winter (quite a few have around here) or relocated. I had just stopped about a 8? days ago or so for some VERY tasty dinner and the next morning they had moved.

    • tacodrew

      Not sure what’s going on with them – they’re at their usual location today.

      EDIT – they’re telling us that they’ll be open through the winter – every day except Tuesdays.

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  4. daisy l.l

    i had never tasted this food and i have to admit they make the best mexican food i had ever tasted everyone should go and try their delicious homemade gorditas and awesome tacos .

  5. Joe

    i took my friend on a taco truck tour of the westside one day. i’ve been to just about all of em, but I was curious which one he would say was THE BEST in his opinion.

    after going to Taqueria Little Mexico, he told me it was by far THE BEST taco truck he’d been to. this just happened to be the one that I picked too. 🙂

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