The 8th Taste


840 Hudson Ave (East of I 71) corner of Hudson and Azelda
Hours: ?
(Formerly by the airport on Steltzer)

Click here to map it!

The 8th Taste is owned by  a Colombian couple who have lived in Columbus for 8 + years.. They do serve tacos but the food offered is a mixture of Colombian dishes and western targeted items.


I wouldn’t go out of my way for the tacos which are a choice of beef or chicken and served in a platter and (to us at least) American style.


However, I would go a long way for some of their empanadas. These were filled with a tasty mix of chicken, potato and vegetables and were reminiscent of an Indian samosa. Straight from the fryer, they were hot and crispy and irresistible.


Also popular with our tasting team were the arepas. I hadn’t had them anywhere else in Columbus other than El Arepazo the popular downtown Venezuelan restaurant. We ordered two, a cheese and a beef arepa and opinions varied as to the favorite. Both were good with the hot sauce, which looked a lot more lethal than it actually was.


Drinks wise the truck has a range of pepsi products and Jarritos mexican sodas. Located at a busy street 8th Taste isn’t the kind of truck you linger at while you enjoy your food. Definitely more suited to take out or eat and run.

Thanks to Joe A for the tip off about this taco truck.


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19 responses to “The 8th Taste

  1. diana

    yesterday, i went to the 8th taste and i want to say that this place its awesome the taste its incredibly good.
    i tried the hamburger and it was really good, it had a little bit of colombian taste and i really like it.
    all i know is that they are going to see me more often there.

  2. patarroyo

    Haven’t tried yet. The arepas, and the empanadas, are completely different than the Venezuelan style you see at El Arepazo. I prefer the Venezuelan arepas (they really are like two different products), but the Colombian empanadas. The best come from the Valle del Cauca and Cauca departments, I wonder where the owners are from.

  3. Erin

    8th Taste, as of 6/15/2009, was sitting in the parking lot of a car shop on 5th Ave. near James Rd. I haven’t driven by it during normal business hours to see if it has set up shop there or if it’s being fixed…If I happen to find ouy, I’ll let you know.

  4. doug

    I just found this place 2 weeks ago and have been there 4 times!! Its too close to my house so its easy to run and get an empanada on saturdays. The stuffed potatoes are great too! I’d like to try other stuff, but I hate going there without eating those 2 things.

  5. ron

    Just went there today. They have changed their name to “El Octavo Sabor” and added a small seating area. The chicken empanadas were excellent and the salsa was quite spicy. Menu looks the same minus the hamburger and ham sandwich.

  6. ron

    I found out yesterday that they are moving to Hudson Street near the end of July. They weren’t very clear on details yet. The phone number is staying the same so you can call first before visiting to verify their location.

  7. Angelina


    Fanny – Are you planning on staying there longer than end of July? To what location will you go to? And also are you changing your name? My boyfriend called yesterday around 3:30… to see if you were still there. I get off work at 5pm so I’m not able to make it with your hours. Do you have hours over the weekend? I’m from Colombia, love the food… but I don’t speak spanish… (I was adopted and raised here in Ohio). So I’m looking for some good Colombian food. I rarely get to eat it.

  8. Erin

    The 8th Taste moved to 860 Hudson, just east of I-71. I was driving by today and noticed but didn’t pick up on a name change or anything else. It sits right off the street, almost on the sidewalk, so you can’t miss it.

  9. Angelina

    It was there the other day, I just ate there! It was good!

  10. Angelina


    Did the 8th Taste move? Last week drove by, and it wasn’t there! I planned on going to get Colombian food today! I’m craving it…. Help! (and yes I am from Colombia, but don’t speak espanol – raised here and was adopted).

  11. Angelina

    oops meant 9/17/2010… it is Friday.. I forgot. Sorry!

  12. We have several taco trucks that are MIA right now, and this is one of them. If you find a new truck or relocate an old favorite let us know. This is what is most helpful – an address or cross street, hours open and/or phone number. Will see what is going on with 8th Taste and update when possible.

  13. Ah, thanks for the updates on the location. We were out watching the planes at the airport and tried to drive by here afterwards. Couldn’t find it, but now it sounds like they’re even closer to my house!

  14. Heather

    anyone know what the hours for this truck are now? I’ve been by after work both nights this week and it’s been closed, I get off at 4pm so I’m there by 4:15 at the latest….seriously craving some arepas!

  15. Rachell

    Tried to go today after we missed the truck at Lane and High. Called first and it sounds like they have rented their truck and are no longer doing it? Not sure, we had a lot of misunderstanding going on during the call.

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