Junior’s Tacos

Junior’s is now back on 5th avenue near the corner of 5th and Highland (Dairy Family convenience store lot) and they appear to have settled down in that location.

Open Mon-Thur 10am-11pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 am-11pm, Closed Wednesday


Click here to map it!

The truck is a new venture for Carlos the friendly and voluble owner.

For the time being, Carlos is providing Victorian Village with a menu of taco truck standards – tacos, burritos, tortas, and the like – as well as a few American options such as hot dogs and bratwurst.

Juniors menus

We’ve not yet had the opportunity to taste Junior’s Taco’s non-taco wares, so our experience is limited to a plate of tacos with four different meats.  We enjoyed the carne asada and the chorizo tacos.  Chicken – eh, not so much.  It’s hard to judge much of anything from a single sampling, but our first overall impression was: ‘somewhere mid-pack’.

Juniors taco plate

That may well change.  Carlos’s operation is all of a month old, and he was at pains to emphasize how he’s still working the bugs out.  He also spoke of ambitious plans, so we’ll be keeping track of him and keeping you up-to-date on his location and progress. Carlos is keen to cater to his customers and is more accommodating than most taco trucks of special orders. He has been experimenting with some vegetarian dishes and we hear that the vegetarian fajita burrito is worth trying.

We went back to Junior’s on July 7th enticed by the promise of tamales. Carlos did not disappoint and there were tamales all-round. They were a big hit with our group and we hope that they will soon be a regular menu item. At $1.25 each you can afford to eat a few, which is just what you will want to do.



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53 responses to “Junior’s Tacos

  1. boom trucks

    Very nice and interesting post here.. keep it up.

  2. Carlos has moved. The truck is at a construction site south of campus (not sure where) through lunch and then is in the parking lot of the convenience store at the corner of Highland and 5th Ave. from 1-9 PM M-Fri. As far as I can tell this si the first taco truck i nthe campus area. Disastrously for me, this is directly on my bike commuting route home from work. I had the lengua taco today as a first sample and it was delicious. Perfectly cooked meat. I predict I will be eating there quite often on the way home.

  3. Byron

    Is that the construction site near the parking garage on 9th or further south? I’d love to have a truck within walking range of campus for lunch

  4. Supposedly moving to 11th and High tomorrow.. I’ll follow up in the next few days…

  5. elizabeth lessner

    Junior’s is now on High just south of Hudson, immediately south of Taco Bell. We had the tacos today, one of each kind and they were just $1.50/each. We loved them all. Owner was such a nice guy too.

  6. corey

    Confirmed. Carlos is in the parking lot of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts (formerly Hollywood video) just south of Taco Bell @ Hudson & High. He says he plans to be there for two years…?

    Also confirmed- Carlos is extremely friendly and is looking for business- the construction cant be helping him. If you are in the vicinity, stop by and grab some food. There are no other trucks in the N Campus/Clintonville region so this is a huge score!!!

  7. CS

    had the Best burrito ever at Juniors one Thursday night…….Went back on Saturday, ordered the same thing and had the Worst burrito ever…..WTF???

  8. corey

    gone for two days now. worried. what’s up?

    • tacodrew

      Just called ’em – they’re back on 5th St. in Victorian Village now (and say they’ll be there for a while). Thanks for letting us know that they moved again.

  9. corey

    Oh the tease! I was elated to have a truck in the N Campus/Clintonville area. Oh well, it was an excellent three days!

  10. jamest

    oh my god, if you don’t like the food, go there to see his daughter….amaaaaazzzing..

  11. Yep, they’re in the Dairy Family parking lot on 5th and Hudson.

    We went the other night. I got the veggie burrito which was seriously incredible.

    My fiance got the Torta with chorizo, I only had a bite, but it was quite good as well!

    Really excited that these guys are right down the street from us now, especially since the truck on 5th and Forsythe has basically become a ghost truck. 😦

  12. Smclean83

    where can I get some ceviche?

  13. patarroyo

    I never cared for the truck outside Las Maravillas. Junior’s is *WAY* better. Had carne asada and al pastor, very delicious. Hoping they stay down here in the Vic Village, otherwise there is nothing else close by. Carlos said he had been here in the convenience store parking lot for the last two weeks. They are open till 10PM everyday.

  14. dickyv

    jesus, James was right…the food is amazing, his daughter even better. Absolute cutie, and the whole family is nice.

  15. Schriner

    the lengua here rivals La Michoacana’s on Bethel

  16. mike

    Not here Monday lunch time.

  17. tacotruckken

    Today was the first time that I found this truck. It was worth the wait. Three Lengua tacos and one tamale. I agree with Schriner about the quality of the lengua. It was the best that I have had. The tamale (roja) was also very good.

    I was amazed that the talk at the table was about this website and the upcoming “Night of 1,000 Tacos.”

    This wagon is on par with Otro Rollo

  18. JCav123

    Went with some friends to Junior’s, absolutely first rate taco’s and very friendly service. He mentioned to us on the way out that he was looking into getting a tent and some heaters for when the weather turns. I think I am going back for dinner now!

  19. Jessica

    The OSU Food & Culture club made a stop here last night. Most of us got some kind of burrito and they were excellent, much bang for the buck and very tasty. The service was wonderful & friendly. At the end of our meal, he gave us a sample of a “hot chocolate” (not very chocolately, more cinnamon, vanilla, a little apple-like) he is thinking about selling this fall along with some cookies or cakes as dessert items.

    Certainly worth a stop!

    • tacodrew

      Glad you enjoyed. In the OSU campus area, I’d also recommend that you stop at El Manantial (corner of Lane & High, in Shell station parking lot). They do some interesting Colombian food.

  20. Lani

    Just stopped in to get my lunch taco fix and had his mexican chocolate, and it is quite good, and warming….agree not too chocolatey but good none the less.

  21. Wendy

    I LOVE this place. When it’s at Dairy Family, it’s dangerously close to my house which is AWESOME. Veggie burrito is divine. Try it, try it, try it!

  22. Junior’s is great. I’ve been indulging in his fare since he showed up at the Dairy Family lot this summer.

    I’m a big fan of the chicken tacos. My wife loves the vegetarian burrito.

    Hope he sticks around during the cold winter!

  23. Paella411

    Carlos (from Zacatecas in the north-central part of Mexico) is a great guy. His wife sometimes runs the truck on weekends and the whole family is a buena onda.

    Our vegetarian friend really liked what Carlos made and Carlos said he will be adding tofu as well as a big tent with a space heater.

  24. crabtre

    Day four of the Taco Truck Tour – Juniors was open and I gave it a shot. Four tacos (Asada, Pastor, Pollo and Carnitas) and an Asada burrito. The pollo, asada and pastor were good, but kinda of middle of the road for what I;ve tried locally so far. The carnitas however was incredible and is the best so far. The burrito was unique in that it had rice and whole pinto beans rather than refried, along with lettuce, tomatos and sour cream. The red salsa was lots of hot but little flavor while the green salsa was not hot at all, but very nice flavor.
    Junior’s definitely won my carnitas heart so far…

  25. BigPoopStreak

    Junior’s tacos are so friggin’ good. The best food on earth. The al pastor are my favorite, but I’ve tried a few others and they are also great. The salsa verde is super with the al pastor. you won’t be disappointed.

  26. Daniela

    muy ricos los tacos excelen pero son mejores los de otras taquerias no desir nombres pero es la verdad………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  27. Daniela


  28. Happyjack

    Hey guys! My wife and I are gonna be in Columbus for the weekend..we are staying at the Mariott downtown…We really dont know our way around well. Can you suggest someplace close to there? Tks!

  29. Shell

    I just got home from this one and it was soooooo good! I had the veg burrito that I’ve heard so much about and it was so amazing! It had yummy grilled fajita veggies, rice, beans (not refried, but so soft and yummy) cheese, lettuce sour cream and tomatoes. SO had the asada tacos which he said were great. I lived in Phx for ten yrs so I was happy to find this website!!! Thank you so much. Thank you Junior’s tacos!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mary

    I live a block from Junior’s and eat there about once a week. The food is so delicious every time! I had the vegetarian burrito the other day and It’s my new favorite.

  31. Nick

    I just tried Junior’s for the first time today. I had the pastor. It was honestly pretty disappointing: Tough and chewy. I’m definitely a Taqueria Davanne fan.

  32. Junior’s was closed for a while today (4/1, not an April Fools joke). Looked like they were working on the truck to upgrade it. Doing a bit of painting and whatnot. Said they might be open later today, but did not give a specific time.

  33. Guy in Buick

    Pretty good tortas. I give a 7 out of 10. Slightly sparse on the steak. I haven’t tried the other food items.

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  35. Ross

    For those who were wondering, there is the possibility of Junior’s bringing a truck to one of your events. I was at a house party this week and the mobile truck came to sell tacos! So if you are having a party and want something out of the ordinary, definitely check with Junior’s.

    • Junior’s does definitely do catering. They have a second truck (which you will see parked across the parking lot at the convenience store at 5th and Highland) that is used exclusively for private parties. I talked to them last time I was there – they will bring the mobile truck to your party or event and cater from the truck.

  36. gustavo pasillas

    primo se miran buenos los tacos y este momento tengo ambre. ase falta probarlos.

  37. Amanda

    Junior’s catered my wedding two weekends ago and did an excellent job. Not only did he bring his second truck to serve food to order, Carlos also prepared a ‘make your own’ taco buffet complete with tamales. We had around 175 guests and everything ran smoothly and everyone had great things to say about the truck and their food.

    I highly recommend them for events. Carlos was professional, easy to work with, and exceeded our expectations.

  38. TimL

    Tried it for the second time. Pales in comparison to Davanne.

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  43. d wells

    i am sure that juniors is not owned by Carlos any more. i was there on 6/5/2013. the tacos i got were not near the ones that Carlos served. that was my last visit to that truck.

  44. Jeff

    I’ve had a couple of things here. The vegetarian burrito has been disappointing, not very flavorful. But the veggie quesadilla absolutely hit the spot, especially dipped in “salsa caliente.”

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