El Nuevo Tacos Tao / The New Taco Tao

(last seen at 1505 Schrock Rd. on August 23rd – we assume this is closed for good)

614 306 8539 (has been disconnected, confirmed October 2009)

Click here to map it!

This truck came to our attention when a good friend mentioned “I drive by one everyday on my way to work but I forgot to mention it”. Well, 5 months later this friend (?) did bring it up so The New Taco Tao / El Nuevo Tacos Tao was found. While the truck has bilingual nomenclature, the staff for the most part does not.

The owner is very friendly. The truck opens at 10 am everyday. We are a little unclear when it closes, probably sometime after 7 pm, so we will keep eating and update later. If you don’t want a blend of cheeses, sour cream, tomatoes and onions on your taco fare, let the owner know as best as you can when you order, because the default toppings will be americano.

The truck maintains loyal band of followers. After two years at a Karl Road location in the Northland area, the truck moved to Schrock Road in August 2009. It never seems to be without a few customers hanging out under the tarp tasting tacos. The tao of this truck to is stick with a minimalist approach: tacos, tortas, burritos, gorditas and quesadillas.

gordita y taco

gordita y taco

There are a couple exciting menu exceptions. Menudo (Tripe, not the boy band) has not been sampled or viewed as of yet. The Hungry Woolf is our offal expert and she was out of the country during the initial recon missions. Offal is well represented on the taco menu so stay tuned for Hungry Woolf Approval .

Another interesting development, Fish Tacos – a rarity in our landlocked city. These have not been sampled either since the recon taco team member is allergic to fish. We are hoping these might be San Diego style fish tacos, an icon of Southern California.

A point of interest here is the Tao approach to salsa. It is fresh, made mortar and pestle style in a stone bowl shaped like an unknown four legged creature. We are not sure what the old Taco Tao was but 24+ trucks into our journey of discovery, we think the New Taco Tao is on track.


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11 responses to “El Nuevo Tacos Tao / The New Taco Tao

  1. Paul Ferrara

    I searched all over the Shanley/Karl area and couldn’t find it. Does he take it home every night or has he moved it?

    • jessica

      he is still there he had taken it home because he does not want people to damage it.he brings it back and forth from home every day. So u will have to go when it is open.

  2. The stone bowl used is called a molcajete, they’re great for making salsa in. I picked up one years ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


  3. t-bone

    sampled the fare yesterday (thursday approx 2pm)… the red salsa is outstanding. just enough heat to remind you what you are eating. had carnitas and asada tacos. carnitas were very juicy and abundant, great taste. the asada was good, but more ground beefish, than chopped steak (im used to the latter). all were served “americano” style, though “mexican” style is available if requested. friendly owner and interesting location to people-watch (just off karl next to a neighborhood convenience market). recommended!

  4. JasonV

    Just stopped by for some Tacos and got a Quesadilla to go. The Tacos were excellent. I tried the Legugua (cow tongue), chicken, and chorizo. All were excellent. Their cow tongue is like shredded pot roast. I ordered “Mexican Style” with cilantro and onions instead of tomatos, lettuce, sour cream. The red salsa is also amazing. It’s not too hot, but just enough. Take a buddy to this stand. There were definitely some shady gangs visiting the convenience store there. The customers and service at the stand were extremely friendly and helpful.

  5. t-bone

    i’ve now visited this truck several times. the carnitas tacos are top notch (mexicano or americano). the molcajete hot sauce is outstanding! this past visit i also tried a quesadilla, sopa and a flank/strip steak dish (can’t recall what is was called). all were very good. i’m thinking this is the best truck of all i’ve visited (approx 6 trucks). friendly staff, friendly customers, very interesting neighborhood!

  6. the truck has moved, it is now on shrock road just west of karl road, next to coughlin’s carry-out.

  7. Michael

    Went by @ 1 pm on Mon 24th and was not to be found. Did they move again?

  8. t-bone

    michael, did you go by the old location or off schrock/karl? i was told the truck has a new owner, as well. wish they would’ve moved to the east side, out by new albany area. with all the construction, that outta be good for business.

  9. Taco Tao has disappeared again. I checked with the store owners at the Schrock Road site and was told the truck just left Sunday with no notice. I checked at the old site – no one there has heard anything. This is now a ghost truck. Something is up, I spoke with the owner last week – he was happy with the site and said business was good.

    If anyone gets a lead on a new location instead of posting here – please send an e-mail to the TacoTrucks team – using our e-mail link on the about page.

    Gracias / Thanks

  10. t-bone

    Has this truck resurfaced?

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