Columbus Underground Meet up June 24th



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In the course of our taco trucking we have found some amazing food, met some great people and spotted a few other bizarre things too. We thought Los Guachos would be a great venue for a CU meet (meat?) up and we know that the people who have already tried it will agree. We heard nothing but resounding praise for this truck.

Los Guachos is the only truck in Columbus to serve al pastor (marinated pork) right off the spit. It is really, really good and their tacos and gringas (al pastor served with caramelized cheese) are crave worthy.

Meet up will go ahead rain or shine. Bring cash as the trucks don’t take anything else. The food is very reasonable and there are soft drinks available. Commerce Square is just off Sullivant (map here) and there are lots of other taco trucks nearby if you want to try some others.


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