Don Pedro’s Tacos

The Continent 6134 Busch Blvd. (in front of Spain Night Club)
Monday to Thursday 11 am to 11 pm
Friday to Sunday 11 am to 4 am (yes, 4 am)


Click here to map it!

We’ve long thought of the Broad-Georgesville-Sullivant-Wilson rectangle on the west side as the ground zero of taco trucking in Columbus.  Lately, though, we’re not quite so sure… the ‘east of 71’ crowd seems to be asserting itself with some capable and interesting newcomers such as El Manantial Latino, 8th Taste, and now: Don Pedro’s Tacos.

Don Pedro’s Tacos has been operating for less than a month, but seems to have hit the ground running in terms of quality – the al pastor and longaniza (basically chorizo) tacos were solid and then some.

Having more than satisfied our ‘can they do the basics well’ test, we started exploring the menu for less conventional offerings…

…and we found some.  What is this pambazos?  Well, basically a torta, but with one important difference:

Yep, red bread.  If we understood correctly, it was dredged in a sauce and then toasted – apparently a method of preparation that the Don Pedro’s folks learned from a famous bread maker in Mexico City.  What’s certain is this: 1) the mildly spicy but immensely flavorful bread elevates this otherwise conventional torta-style sandwich to new heights, and 2) you will need LOTS of napkins.

Solid basics, novel offerings, and (did we forget to mention?) friendly operators means:  thumbs up, check ’em out.


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16 responses to “Don Pedro’s Tacos

  1. JT

    I think you mean Deewood Drive, south of I-270.

  2. William

    Just tried them today and I gotta say everything was excellent, We had taco’s and the pambazos. Spicy, messy, and excellent!

  3. t-bone

    ate at Don Pedro’s last week with my son. I had the azada and pastor tacos. he had a plain pollo taco. good portions, great taste (the meats were juicy), good salsa (had the red, would’ve liked a bit spicier) and friendly owner. also, the menu has english translations for those still getting accustomed to the spanish language. while there, another customer came up and ordered a pambazo. it looked delicious and was good size too! another plus, there is a bar in the same parking lot that i understand will let you take your food in to enjoy with a cold cerveza! think i’m gonna go back today for lunch.

  4. TacoTruckKen

    Had the pastor and Especial (asada and pastor mixed together) tacos. The pastor was good, but not overly spicy. This was more than made up for by the salsa verde, which what the most picante that I have had at any truck in town. Next time I will take t-bone’s advice and try the salsa roja, or get a larger water bottle. The Especial was great. If this is what you get when pigs and cows are allowed to cross breed; then put on some Barry White and let them have at it.

    Nice owners who tollerated my bad Spanish!

  5. t-bone

    stopped in last week. tacos adobada, carnitas and asada. all very good. cucumbers and radishes for garnish. BEWARE – the salsa verde was muy caliente! the hottest i’ve had in town.

  6. I went this evening at 5:30pm, and the truck was there, but wasn’t open. I didn’t see any signs posted, but my guess is they’re closed for the winter?

  7. Tom

    Just made my virgin Columbus taco truck visit to Don Pedro’s. Had a couple of pollo tacos, done Mexican style. Fine eats, cooked to order, and easy on the wallet.

    My Spanish is bad-to-nonexistent, but the owner was very tolerant. That’s a point earner in my book.

    Will return to further explore the menu, which I believe has expanded offerings (different meats, maybe seafood?) within the categories listed in the photo above.

  8. usher

    Actually the address is closer to 6091 Cleveland Ave.

  9. The best pastor in town, easily. Very friendly service, always top notch servings. Passed many other trucks on my way to Don Pedro’s because they’re the best!

  10. chris

    We love don pedros. Food is good, and he himself is a good person. He works another job at a american mexican restaraunt, and has his truck. I was talking with him today and he was robbed at gun point last saterday night. He said that cars stopping scared off the scumbags. Try to help support this truck. It’s good food, and he didnt deserve that.

  11. Pedro is a good person and was supportive of The Night of 1000 and Night of 1001 Tacos last year. His wife usually runs the place solo during the day and their young daughter is a great PR person for the truck on weekends. They upgraded their menu this spring and often add new items. Give them some support.

  12. Tom Stone

    Went there Saturday. Excellent food and service, although the prices are a little higher than a typical truck. The menu has gotten much bigger since your original post. Next time, I will take a picture of the current menu and send it in.

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