Taqueria Los Tolucos

755 Stelzer Rd.
10am-10pm Sunday-Thursday and 10am-12am on Friday and Saturday

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Fresh from its stint on the west side, Los Tolucos has been reopened by new owners at a location close to the airport. To be frank, they didn’t seem to be off to the most promising of starts. Service was slow and disinterested, and the food was mediocre on average.

There were a few bright spots, though: the cabeza tacos were above the bar, and the grilled onions and pepper made for a nice addition to the tacos.


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6 responses to “Taqueria Los Tolucos

  1. Sherri Francis

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve been a patron here once and my boyfriend and I fell in love with the food. It’s full of wonderful flavors and best of all, the grilled taste! We were pretty blown away in the menu and how friendly and welcoming the people running the truck were to us, as they offered sauces on the side and warned us of the more “caliente” ones. 🙂 When I tried a hotter sauce, the owner even gave me a water bottle on the house, as my mouth couldn’t take the heat! OH MY!

  2. t-bone

    tried tacos asada and pastor yesterday. the pastor was pretty good, the asada was bland. came with radish, cucumber and lime. tried both rojo and verde sauces. with apologies to the gabacha posted above (sherri francis), the sauces were not overly hot or spicey. friendly service and clean environment. good visit, but nothing above the ordinary.

  3. - m00n -

    Saw it today at 755 Stelzer Rd where the Victor Food truck used to be.

  4. Terry Holtrey

    Just ate there 10 minutes ago. It was amazing. The Chicken Tacos were spicy and well prepared with radish, cilantro, cucumber and lime. The red salsa was spicy without being what I call stupid hot (hot to the point that you can’t taste anything else) (If the salsa is that hot, by the way, the preparation of everything else is a waste of time). The “water” drink (tasted sort of like spiced rice pudding but was not thick at all) complimented the flavors of the meal perfectly. The perfect $4.50 lunch.

  5. hungrywoolf

    Los Tolucos now have a second truck that is located at the intersection of Agler and Westerville Road at the YBB Market. 614.359.9641

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