Chapis Tacos

Current location (November 2010)
977 Harrisburg Pike – parking lot of Carniceria Brothers
Open 10:30 – 7:00 pm – daily (?)
Under new ownership – we have not tried this version….yet.
Information below is “historical”.

(This truck was a mainstay in the early days but was sold to new owners – see below for history)
Behind ENR  Transmissions & Auto Repair, 830 W. Broad Street
(Very convenient for Mt Carmel Hospital).
Click here to to map it!

We have been trying to find the mythical Souder Truck for months. The mystery is now solved – the truck that was in that location closed and after a hiatus, Chapis has been open in that same location for 3 weeks. It is run by two sisters and when I visited the daughter of one of the women was helping out.


The menu is extensive and there was also a sign saying that they have Menudo on saturdays.  Also on the menu is Guisado (a beef stew) that sounds interesting. Unfortunately when I visited they seemed to have a limited selection of meats and so I ordered carne asada and al pastor tacos.


The al pastor was a little greasy, but I have been spoiled by Los Guachos and I am not sure that any other al pastor can compare. The horchata was so sweet that it was almost undrinkable and when I visited things seemed a little shambolic even though they weren’t that busy. Apart from being out of various ingredients, they got my order wrong, got the change wrong and had to repeatedly the other customer who was there what he wanted on his burrito. Hopefully they can iron out some of these teething problems soon. Chapis is worth trying if it is convenient, but not worth going out of your way for.


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5 responses to “Chapis Tacos

  1. Cindy McCain

    I’m a regular Chapi’s customer and I have to let everybody know that the original owner, Chapi, has cancer, so these ladies are filling in. Please check back to get the authentic Chapi’s taco experience, once she finishes her chemo. A co-worker of mine, who is Mexican and has lived in the U.S. for several years says the authentic version is the best she’s had and the most like ‘real’ Mexican food she’s tried. Her salsa is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

  2. Brett

    Chapi’s opened today 5/14/10.
    Two new women are behind the counter but they were nice and efficient.
    The beef burrito is great and more than filling.

    The red and green sauces are given out in small containers instead of the large squirt bottles that were used last year. I hope this changes back.

  3. Erin

    Chapi’s was open outside of Carneceria Brother’s at 977 Harrisburg Pike this afternoon. I didn’t have the cash to stop but will try to find some time next week to check them out.

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  5. Martha Ortiz

    Let me inform you that this review is a disgrace to “Chapis Tacos” Unfortunately the review was done while I was going through cancer. I rented my taco truck January 2009 and had to part with it due to stage 3 breast cancer. I found out that after I sold my truck it was still being worked under my business name “Chapis Tacos” It’s sad to read these comments when I worked so hard to build a good menu and good authentic Mexican tacos. I am happy to annouce I am back and it will be a new beginning. My new taco truck is finally finished and we are in the last stages hoping to be back in business in the next coming weeks. I encourage you to please give my name a second chance and give you the best customer experience along with the best authentic Mexican Food. Cant wait to read a future review of “Chapis Tacos New Beginnings”.

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