Mr Grill Tacos


1060 Georgesville Road (near SSA Office) and Growing Solutions Garden Center.

near Georgesville Road and Clime Road

614 732 2773

Open 10 am to 9 pm. Closed Wednesdays

The owners have had a truck here for 3 – 5 years but June 18th they upgraded to a new and bigger truck.

Click here to to map it!





Winter specials

Specialties include carne asada tacos, popusas, and migadas. There is a good choice of pickles and sauces. They also have a good range of agua frescas (tamarind and pineapple the day we were there) and excellent horchata.


Chorizo and egg, pastor and lengua tacos

This is a busy truck and interestingly they serve Popusas (aka -pupusas -a Salvadorean dish) on the weekends. The pupusas come in cheese or meat and cheese and have a really good corn flavor. This is the only truck we have found that serves them and they are worth trying. Very satisfying and good value. The coleslaw is also really good. Light and refreshing and again this is something rare.

Mr Grill was one of the first places we noticed that offered corn or wheat tortillas and the price for the wheat (harina) tortillas is double that of the maiz.



For nostalgia sake – the old truck



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9 responses to “Mr Grill Tacos

  1. Lanibug

    I have eaten at this truck consistently for more than 4+ years…..

  2. KathyHoke

    This is my favorite. I love to get a bite to eat and then go shop at Growing Solutions. Food and flowers…..

  3. TacoTruckKen

    A good reliable truck. The lingua tacos are very tender and flavorful. The location makes it easy to get to. Enjoy!

  4. Christine

    Pupusas on Fridays and Saturdays

  5. Bolton Field Guys & Gals

    Mr. Grill is only about 2 miles from Bolton Airfield. We are a small group of pilots and aircraft service people that discovered the truck through about 6 or 7 months ago. We are smitten! We try to eat there AT LEAST once every 2 weeks (often more frequently).
    Today, one of our crew celebrated a birthday and we thought it fitting that he should feast on Mr. Grill fare before cake & ice cream – we even put candles on his quesadilla :)!
    I usually stick to chicken or steak but I tried the pork taco today and was in taco-truck heaven. All items we have tried from this truck are excellent quality at a value price. When you visit this truck be sure to thank them by placing a tip in the hard-to-find-if-you-don’t-look jar.
    There are a bunch of trucks on the west-side but we are loyal to this one – it is our truck of choice.

  6. t-bone

    tried tacos asada and pastor last week. pretty good food. i like that they have rojo, verde and guacamole sauces all for self-serve. also had pickled onion, carrots, radish, cucumber, etc for self-serve. the sauce rojo had a bit of kick, yes! they could use a table/awning setup out front to make the dining a bit more comfortable.

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  8. Rudy

    Los guachos are better

  9. Tacos, lovin' em!

    Best tacos I ever had. Nothing better than Mr Grill tacos !

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