Tacos Nayarit

(Please note this truck is MIA and no longer at the location below April 2010)
5431 Roberts Rd (near the intersection of Roberts Road and Rome-Hilliard Road)
Outside the Famosa Latino Supermarket, in the Roberts Crossing strip mall.


Open Saturdays & Sundays only, 11am – 11pm

Click here to to map it!


Thanks to a tip from eagle-eyed commenter Rod Holaday, we’ve had the opportunity to check out Tacos Nayarit.

This truck is something of a curiosity in almost every sense.  Hilliard?  Now that’s a new one on us.  Hours?  Only worth asking the question if it happens to be a Saturday or a Sunday.  Their offering?  Hmmm… when we were there, it seemed as though half of the menu was unavailable for purchase.

However, what was available was seriously good.  The chorizo tacos were quite possibly the best we’ve ever had, and the lengua was up there as well. Portions were generous, the salsa was tasty, and we *know* that whoever ordered the burrito after us (we watched them cook up a massive mound of sizzling asada for it) must have been very happy.


The staff at Tacos Nayarit (the name refers to the owner’s origins in the state of Nayarit in Mexico) is friendly enough, though communication may be somewhat limited with non-spanish speaking customers.  Having only been open for a month’s worth of weekends, they’re obviously still working through some of the kinks.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty of taco truckin’ joy to be found here.  We’ll be back for sure.


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6 responses to “Tacos Nayarit

  1. hungrywoolf

    The Famosa Latino Supermarket is also worth checking out. It has a surprisingly wide range of items. I was tempted by the sacks of dried beans that you can weigh yourself. Not as large as La Michoacana or La Tapatia, but a good selection and handy for Mexican foods and ingredients.

  2. brandon

    The owner reports that he’s focusing on the restaurant instead of the taco stand. The tacos inside of the La Famosa restaurant are identical to the tacos served on the truck.

    He serves a great deal more than just taco truck food inside. Main dishes include Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, etc. I’ve not been disappointed since I started eating there last summer when it opened.

    • tacodrew

      Thanks for the update – does this mean that the truck is going away?

      • Michelle

        I spoke to someone who works at the market and the restaurant a few weeks ago. He confirmed that they are focusing on the restaurant and the taco truck is inactive with no plans to bring it back.

  3. xine

    Hey, I think this place is now on Sullivant Ave where the Dominican truck was for a while…

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