Otro Rollo Taqueria


3866 Sullivant Avenue

Open 7 days a week. 7am-11pm

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We have been fans of Otro Rollo bakery since we first discovered it on one of our taco  trucking missions. Their tres leche cake and caramel filled churros had us coming back for more. We were excited last month when we saw that they had purchased a taco truck and watched over subsequent visits as it was kitted out. This is not the maiden venture into taco trucking for the hard working owner of Otro Rollo bakery. He previously had a taco truck, but when the bakery business took off, he decided he needed to focus his attention on that. Otro Rollo bakery now delivers freshly baked breads and cakes every day to 35-40 retail customers and with the business doing well, it is time for more tacos.


Temporary menu

Otro Rollo means different from the surroundings, and the owner explained why he thinks his tacos are superior. The motto of Otro Rollo is ‘In flavor, in quality, in service’. The tortillas used are made without preservatives, the agua frescas are made fresh and not from mixes and the meat for the hamburgesas is ground on site. The owner is originally from Monterrey in the North of Mexico and so far he is the first taqueria owner we have met from that area.

Otro Rollo has the usual menu items but also features the Mexican hamburger which comprises a thin beef patty with bacon, ham, cheese, avocado, onion, lettuce and tomato. It was a tasty burger, the main difference from an American hamburger being the thinner beef patty and the ham and avocado.


Otro Rollo has a few meat choices that are not commonly found at other trucks:
Tinga – a slow cooked chicken dish with 3 peppers, seasonings and onions. The peppers are used mainly for color and the flavor is a little spicy, a little sweet and more than a hint of chipotle smokiness.
Birria – a beef stew made with 5 peppers but not hot. The owner told us that he uses his grandmother’s recipe. Think barbacoa with more flavor.
Puerco – a pork dish that we didn’t get to try. Will update when we do.


The tacos were distinguished by having slices of avocado on top, something we have not seen at other trucks.We tried a variety of tacos including lengua, al pastor, barbacoa, birria and tinga. The lengua was above average, the birria flavorful and tender but the biggest hit was the tinga. This is the first truck I have seen it at and it is much better (in my opinion) than the usual chicken offerings. In fact the tinga was so good that we had to order more and tried it on a sope.


Sope with tinga

There were the standard red and green salsas (both good) and we were also given a taste of a different (and hotter) hot sauce made with peanuts.

Otro Rollo starts serving breakfast at 7am. We did not see their full breakfast menu, but were told that they will be serving tamales, omelettes, huevos, ham, bacon and other breakfast food. They also have the benefit of being right next to the bakery! We will be heading back out there soon to check out the tamales.



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17 responses to “Otro Rollo Taqueria

  1. TacoTruckKen

    I never had tinga before, but it is now one of my favorites. Flavorful but messy, so be careful when wearing a white shirt! The gorditas were made to order with fresh masa then grilled to perfection. The salsa roja was better than most that I have tried; a bit more picante. Give this truck and its very pleasant owner a whirl..

  2. MTallan

    The tinga tacos are my new favorite. The pollo stands out in terms of flavor and texture in contrast to the pollo tacos I’ve had elsewhere. I agree with TacoTruckKen that the salsa roja is fantastic too. The best I have had at any truck so far. I usually prefer salsa verde on my tacos, and the salsa verde here is rather ordinary. I would love to have Tacorriendo’s salsa verde on Otro Rollo’s tinga tacos. Try saying that three times fast. And it is always great to have such friendly service. The agua fresca was much better than normal as well. Great truck.

  3. jill

    those mexican hamburgers look awesome! this site is great i stumbled upon it off of google maps! was in mexico last month and had my first horchata and cant get enough. can you tell me of any locations in the northeast area that sells horchata? socal style fish tacos are another fav any locations have fish tacos?

  4. Katie

    The birria at Otro Rollo is also really good, especially in the gordita. Everything seems to be made to order so it takes a bit . . . but you can always go inside and buy a pastry to eat while you wait 🙂 The people are also very friendly.

  5. Wow! We finally made it to this truck tonight, and it was AWESOME! The tinga tacos were the best chicken tacos I have ever eaten. Thank you so much for this website 🙂

  6. Neil

    Visited this truck the other day and was pleasantly surprised!! I made the ordering process a little confusing by wanting to try too many things, but the girl taking my order (who spoke English) was able to get things sorted out. Loved the al pastor–it had a wonderful flavor!

    The amazing thing about this truck? It’s ALWAYS open!! I drive by all the time and the open sign is always on. New menu is posted now–it has pictures and food names are in both Spanish and English. Love this truck!! 🙂

  7. Jeff K

    Went here for lunch today with a pal. Got the asada and al pastor tacos. We decided they were good, but didn’t knock our socks off the way Los Guachos, Taco Nazo, or Tacorriendo did. The bakery smelled wonderful! My pal’s donut and the cookies I got were good, too. I would definitely go back here to try some of the other items offered both in the truck and in the bakery.

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  9. katya

    hola¡¡¡ saludos desde monclova mexico…

  10. katya

    quiero un taco y una dona.

  11. Jonathan

    saludos¡ desde monclova city¡ Mexico..

    me gustaria comer ahi..

  12. cesia azua

    las quesadillas son rikisimas y los huaraches saludos monclovita la bella dese ohio

  13. Jesse

    I’ve lived on the west side in what is seemingly the heart of taco truck country for 7 years. For the first time and with the encouragement of this site i tried a taco truck, otro rollo. Great expierence, great food. This is the first of many trips for me. Helluva blog too – keep up the good work!

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