Super Dogos

Super Dogos

(This truck is MIA and was seen at:)
3047 Westerville Rd. (corner of Oakland park Ave)


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Click here to to map it!

How’s this for a new ‘first’?  Super Dogos is the first truck we’ve encountered to sell menu items that are banned in Los Angeles!

I mean, c’mon, LA… there really isn’t anything more natural, more inevitable, more goshdarnitall RIGHT than wrapping hot dogs in bacon, is there?

Or, at least, that’s how Super Dogo’s owners see it, and with good reason – the bacon-wrapped dog has a long history in Mexico, and particularly in their native region of Sonora.  Mexican immigrants have been selling these dogs all over on the west coast (or at least where allowed by law) for quite some time.  Now, thanks to Super Dogos, it’s Columbus’s turn.


Before we discuss particulars, though, let’s answer the question that’s undoubtedly in your head – isn’t this Taco Trucks Columbus?  Right enough you are, and while Super Dogos obviously specializes in dogs, they *just* slide in under our purview through also selling fish tacos.  Regrettably, these weren’t available when we visited – they’d had brisk business and sold out – but they tell us that they’re offering tilapia fish tacos daily, and fried catfish tacos as an occasional specialty.  Next time we make it back, we’ll check ’em out.

The Sonora Dog (left) and Guayson Dog (right)

The Sonora Dog (left) and Guayson Dog (right)

So let’s talk bacon dogs.  We sampled two kinds – The Sonora and the Guayson.  The Sonora was topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, corn & cucumber relish, mushrooms, mayo and avocado sauce.  The Guayson featured grilled onions, tomatoes, cheese, mayo, mustard and avocado sauce.  Both were darned good, and both will definitely keep you on top of your napkin game.

Toritos (left), Frijoles Charros (right)

Toritos (left), Frijoles Charros (right)

Still craving more bacon?  Check out the frijoles charros – a nicely spiced bean soup spiked with a generous quantity of our favorite pork product – especially satisfying on a freakishly cool and rainy July day.  Feeling like you’re missing your veggies?  How about a whole (mild) jalapeno torito – stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in (drum roll please…) bacon.


Last among the menu items we sampled was a funny little curiosity called ‘salchi pulpos’, which roughly translates to ‘octopus sausage’.  Salchi pulpos starts as your typical hot dog, and is sliced into strips that go about 3/4 the way up the length of it.  After being tossed into the fryer these strips curl up, and the results look like a pokemon-esque caricature of an octopus.  Top with the condiments of your choice, and start pulling off tentacles.  Fun for kids of all ages.

With all the buzz surrounding Dirty Franks, I asked Angel (the husband of the duo) if he’d ever heard of them.  “Yes!” was his vigorous response, “I want to have over 25 menu items myself!”.  With goals like that, these guys should be an interesting one to watch.


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9 responses to “Super Dogos

  1. Ha! Cuco’s on Henderson has those little fried octo-hotdogs on the kids menu, although they’re just called hotdogs. We ordered them for Desi once and thought it was awesome that they were cut in that shape. The only other time I’ve seen them cut like that is in books detailing instructions on making cute Bento box lunches for Japanese schoolchildren. 😉

  2. Katie

    Thanks for the post – as a former L.A. resident I crave “death dogs” once in a while. Excited to try the bacon-wrapped jalapenos, too. Yum!

  3. Raul Muñoz

    this is the best that i never taste before , the toritos are amazing . they have a big variety of hot dogs but i liked the beans charros

  4. Super badass! I love these dogs. At home, we use premium quality dogs from the butcher, smoked bacon, and all of the sickest condiments. Oh, and freshly made buns. Are we posers? Sound like some Slow Food dealy-O? No, we’re poor homesteaders in Oregon. And we love tacos mostly, and hotdogs, especially Tijuana dogs, a close second. So, I guess we’re taco homesteaders.

    Also, the salchipulpo is sublime. We used to eat salchipapas in the Chifas (what the called Chinese restaurants in Ecuador). They are freshly made french fries with chunks of fried hot dogs in there. I really dig the salchi- vibe. Dammit, I’m going to make me some salchipulpo before the month is out. Keep up the taco reporting.



  5. Karin

    Went searching for Los Dogos. I went there around 2pm. They were not at the Lee’s Tire site. I went up and down Cleveland from Morse to Innis. No luck! Have they moved?

  6. t-bone

    Is this now a ghost truck or are they back?

    • tacodrew

      They have contacted us with a new location (which is now reflected in this post and on the map). They’re there… or so they tell us.

      We’ll have to swing by there sometime soon.

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