Night of 1000 Tacos

Please note the change of date to September 18th and that there is no longer a screening of The 3 Amigos on this date. Check back for details of more taco events in October.


Click here for full size (printable) version of flyer

Taco Trucks Columbus and Columbus Rides invite you to join us for a charity taco truck tour on Friday September 18th (please note change of date). We will  be exploring some of the taco trucks on the North Side of Columbus. The tour will start from Studio 35 (3055 Indianola Ave) at 7pm and will be approximately 20 miles. We encourage you to bike, but you are welcome to use any means of transport. Then, full of tacos, we will return to Studio 35 where you can enjoy a beer (or two). Studio 35 will be screening the movie Saved at 11.30pm  as part of ScootaQue.

We have been talking about this event for months so I am excited that it is now actually going to happen. Apologies for the changes in dates and movie – sadly beyond our control. But it  will still be a lot of fun and for a good cause too.

For the ride we are requesting a donation of $5 which will  go to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. The Foodbank have told us that for every $1 donated they can provide $8 of food.

If you are biking please wear a helmet and bring lights. We will have a waiver for cyclists to sign.

T-Shirts for the tour are available from our Skreened Store and there is a Facebook event page if you want to rsvp.


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8 responses to “Night of 1000 Tacos

  1. Pat

    Sounds awesome, the slogan should be “if the semis don’t get ya, the salmonella will!”

  2. I am not concerned about the semi’s – since the route bypasses many of the high traffic areas; or the salmonella. I have about 60 taco truck visits over and under my belt at this point and no ill effects. I like being able to see my food being cooked and you can do that at a truck. Make sure to bring a flashlight so you can see the grill in the truck and maybe on the (semi) truck.

  3. Uli

    I looked at this some days ago, (I am turning 21 on the 24) and was happy to see it was the 25th tocontinuethecelebration cough*.
    and now it is on a date I can’t even do, bummer.
    well, enjoy you tour de taco (t).

    • tacodrew

      Sorry about that, Uli… it really sucks that we had to change the date *after* announcing the event, but the theater gave us no option on the matter.

  4. TacoTruckKen

    Any idea on which trucks you are going to hit?

  5. Amazing night guys. My count for tonight is 10 tacos, 33 miles, 1 piece of cake, and 1 cookie.

  6. More details on last night as well as Another Night of 1000 tacos coming soon. Special thanks to Taco Nazo for going all out to welcome our taco touristas.

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