Las Brisas

(Last seen at this location, currently missing)
2991 Sullivant Ave (corner of Sullivant and Binns, in Alex Market parking lot)


Click here to map it!

The days are getting shorter, the kids are trudging back to school, OSU football’s in full swing – fall is in the air in central Ohio.

And, we’ve just stumbled upon a new taco truck.  Specializing in seafood.

When we asked the folks at Las Brisas how long they’ve been opened, the response was ‘4 days’.  This served to a) reinforce our desire to believe that no truck in Columbus goes unnoticed by us for long, and b) hope they’ll be able to weather the seasons to come and make it through to prime ceviche slinging weather.  It’s nice to see a taco truck alternative to Mi Chula’s seafood offering, and from what we’ve seen Las Brisas should be able to hold their own in this niche of two.

The empanadas were tasty – light, flaky, expertly fried pockets enveloping a generous portion of diced shrimp and cheese filling.  Good on their own, and delicious when dipped into the creamy red sauce that accompany them.

We also tried the tostadas mixtas, which is a fried tortilla topped with a mixed ceviche comprised of shrimp, fish, and octopus.  Light and refreshing – perfect as a… umm… quick cool snack on a blazing summer afternoon.

Las Brisas has a somewhat confusing mishmash of menus taped up around their service window with hot dogs, hamburgers and steak tacos in addition to their seafood specialities.  We’ll be back to try out some of the other items, and we’d love to hear from you in the comments if you get the chance to explore their selection as well.


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2 responses to “Las Brisas

  1. John

    Was going to try this truck today but is was not there. Does anyone know if it moved somewhere else, or if they shut down? All was not lost because we ended up going to Otro Rollo instead and had some great food (also some pastries from next door.)

    • tacodrew

      We’ve lost track of them too… sorry to send you on a wild goose chase! We expect to update this website to reflect recent openings, closings, and revised locations sometime in the next month.

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