Taco Nazo: Dia del Pavo

Although the aim of Taco Trucks Columbus is to promote all Taco Trucks we can not help but have an affinity for some. One of our favorites is Taco Nazo. Our friends there are happy to step up for any tour or event we put together and their generosity has won over many converts to la vida taco. For Thanksgiving, Taco Nazo offered free Tamales and drinks from 11 am to 2 pm as a way of saying thanks to their customers old and new.

In spite of the cold, there was a good turn out. Quicho and company brought out their best: green and red tamales, Mexican hot chocolate, a warm and tasty fruit punch and an assortment of Betty’s excellent baked goods. Betty is the resident baker of the Taco Nazo team and this was my first opportunity to try some of her other specialties. Of course there was the ubiquitous cake shaped like the Taco Nazo truck.

Thanksgiving is a day of family to most that observe the day. For this Taco Truck Team member, it is a day of community (and it my understanding of Thanksgiving history and my interpretation of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special that supports the notion). Thanksgiving is a day to share with those that are part of your life be they family, friends or those far from home. I was happy that I was able to share part of the day with the Taco Truck community that became a big part of our lives this year.

People have been asking about winter hours for our local trucks and we are working on a list to post at a later date.

Taco Nazo will be open during the winter from 10 am to 10 pm, Monday – Saturday and closed on Sunday. They also do buffet style catering which can include Betty’s superior cakes and pastries – so if you are looking to spice up a holiday party, you may want to check in with the folks at Taco Nazo.

2200 East Dublin Granville Road (Lev’s Pawn Shop – parking lot)

NE corner of SR 161 and Maple Canyon

Look for Walgreen’s sign

Click here to map it!


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3 responses to “Taco Nazo: Dia del Pavo

  1. katy

    Hi, could you please let us know where Taco Nazo is located? I can’t seem to find it in your post. Thanks!

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