The Taco Trucks of Winter

The owner of Jalisco dice esta abierta!

(March 28th: Quick update, Spring is back and so are Don Pedro’s, Super Torta II, and expanded hours for all trucks – go forth and consume!)

Wintertime is not Prime Time for the Taco Truck Trade. However, many stay open for the season. We found this out the hard way last February when we first started our taco truck tracking. Some of the trucks set up tents to shield customers from some of the elements. Taco slingers that keep on trucking in the cold can feel like the Maytag repairman so do drop by to see them from time to time. A warm taco can bring back thoughts of summertime taco tours and memories of the sun. There are special wintertime treats like Atole – which is a wonderful, warm, custardesque drink that appears in the cold months. Below is a list of trucks that we have confirmed as open – all subject to change.

When possible call ahead and always have a back up truck in mind for your visit. We will update changes and could use your help with that task. There may be some additions. As a general rule, if it is over 32 degrees and daylight – your chances are good. Gracias.

West Side

La Popular
3545 W. Broad St.
Hours Vary

El Huarache Veloz
2566 W. Broad St. (approx)
Hours Vary

Taqueria Little Mexico
3900 Sullivant Ave
Open 10am – 6 pm (hours will vary)

Los Guachos
461 Commerce Sq. (in El Volcan parking lot) / aka 3900 Sullivant Ave
Update: As Of March 25th, normal hours of operation are back.

Super Torta II
496 Georgesville Rd. (Near Sullivant Ave. intersection)
Will reopen in late February?

Las Delicias
333 Georgesville Rd
Depends on the weather, usually open 10 am to 9 pm.

Los Potosinos
Georgesville and Lincoln Park Court
Open Monday to Thursday 10 am to 6 pm. Open Friday to Sunday 10 am to 8 pm. Their famous chicken is available Friday to Sunday usually after 11 am. The truck was broken into the week before Christmas resulting in a broken window, stolen microwave, meat, beverages and a cash register. This energizer bunny of taco trucks will bounce back from the loss.

Mr. Grill Tacos
1060 Georgesville Rd
614 732 2773
Unknown if open….stay tuned.

Otro Rollo Taqueria
3866 Sullivant Avenue
If / when the truck is not open you can still go into the bakery next door for some excellent Mexican pastries.

North Columbus

Taqueria Jalisco
4664 Cleveland Ave (alternative location within one block)
Open 10am – 9pm
Home of the twenty degree guarantee – according to the owners, if the temperature is over 20 they will be open.

Taquikin Taqueria y Loncheria Movil
2600 Morse Rd (in front of Lev’s Pawn Shop)
Open 10am – 6pmish….

La Cocina Taco Express
2675 Morse Road
614.507.4925, 614.507.9925
Open 10 am – (about) 8 pm everyday

Taco Nazo
2200 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. (Near Lev’s Pawn Shop)
Monday to Saturday, hours vary.

Central Columbus

Junior’s Tacos
West 5th Ave. and Highland in Victorian Village in the Dairy Family Parking Lot – look for the Christmas lights. Often open past 9 pm. Junior is working on a new winter menu so drop by to see what he is cooking up.

Taqueria Davanne
Corner of 5th and Forsythe, Victorian Village
Open – often past 9 PM.

El Manantial Latino
SE Corner of Lane & High (North OSU Campus, in Shell gas station lot)
Will reopen in March.
Here’s where you get your Colombian food fix.

East Side and Airport

El Tacorriendo

3344 Allegheny Ave (Intersects with James Road south of the airport)
A gringo soul food truck – JoJo’s Wings, is next door and is open on occasion.

Victor Food
755 Stelzer Rd (just south of the airport entrance, across from Holiday Inn)
Open 10am – 8pm
You can call in an order for hamburgers, burritos, tortas and tacos.

Las Brazas Taqueria
4865 East Main Street (Monro Mufflers and Brakes)
The wife said they would not be open, but the husband said yes. The end result is they might be open depending on the weather of the day.

The 8th Taste
3720 East 5th Avenue (East of Stelzer – Near the airport and DCSC)
Open: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

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