Taco Loco

Taco Loco (Closed July 2010)
3764 Cleveland Ave (next to Darbo)
614 348 9485
Planned hours 10am-10/11pm every day

With the opening of Taco Loco we officially declare taco truck season 2010 open. Yes, of course we know that the more hard-core taco lovers have been huddling around heaters and sipping atole all winter, but the warmer weather means more trucks, longer hours and enjoying a leisurely meal in the fresh air.

The first of the new trucks is Taco Loco ‘the crazy taco stand’, a reincarnation of the orange truck formerly known as El Tizoncito and parked in the same location. We’re not sure what makes it crazy, the owners were friendly, competent and seemed completely sane and the truck offers standard and solid taco truck fare. As well as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tortas they also have Mexican hamburgers and cheeseburgers. It’s a new truck so they may add new menu items or adjust their hours as they see how business develops.

The ‘soft taco’ is a flour tortilla with American style toppings. We sampled a few tacos and were really impressed with the juicy chunks of lengua (although the picture below is of buche.) Warning, the red and green salsa are both pack some heat – hotter than average.

We are already planning our first taco truck tour of 2010 – stayed tuned for a proper announcement soon.


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10 responses to “Taco Loco

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  2. Zach

    Re: Taco Truck Tour

  3. Frank

    Coming from the South, I was wondering if Columbus would have any taco trucks, and I just found this website. Gracias a dios! Looking forward to another taco tour if you have one 🙂

  4. Frank

    Serious woohoo then 🙂

  5. Nick

    I stopped by Taco Loco this weekend and was pleased to find that they now have a miniature spit for their pastor.

  6. JeffK

    Went here on the 23rd May. I was drawn in by the spit of al pastor visible on the counter. When I ordered, the cook (owner?) recommended the al pastor from the ‘fridge as he said it was fresher (?) than the stuff on the spit. I went with his recommendation. Although not on par with Los Guachos’ al pastor, it had good flavor and was juicy/messy but not greasy. Service was quick, friendly, and helpful. I would consider stopping again if passing by…

  7. RogerElmore

    Stopped by today for some lunch. The truck is operating under the name of “Taqueria Angela”. However, it is the same orange truck pictured above. Tacos were pretty solid. We tried steak and pork, as they were out of several of the other options.

    • Brennan

      Stopped by Taqueria Angela today after shopping at Vance’s. Ordered the carne asada tacos… they’re great. I grew up in San Diego and know authentic Mexican food. The tacos and hot sauce were perfect! If you’re a 200lb man, make to get at least 6 tacos. Highly recommended!

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