Taco Truck Tour 2010!

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The days are getting longer, and the temperature is rising – yes, folks, it’s taco truck season!  What better way to mark the occasion than to join us on our first Taco Truck Tour of the year?

Meet us on April 24th, at around 4:00pm in the parking lot by Taqueria Little Mexico (3900 Sullivant Ave.) for an afternoon of sampling the cuisines of Mexico as offered by the taco trucks of the west side, including:

  • The tacos & gorditas of Little Mexico, Columbus’s oldest taco truck
  • Succulent pollo al carbon (marinated and grilled chicken) found only at Los Potosinos
  • The unbeatable spit roasted al pastor tacos and gringas at Los Guachos
  • Pizza-sized tlayudas at Super Torta II

…and much more, including a live mariachi band at Potosinos.  We’ll be at the trucks with guidance and advice, and will be distributing maps at the meet-up point.

Look forward to seeing you!


By the way, in case you haven’t heard – we’ve started a new blog called alt.eats.columbus.  Not all cultures are inclined towards mobile vending, but an awful lot of ’em are serving up great tasting and reasonably-priced dishes from their native cuisines – mostly in the lesser-traveled parts of our town (where rent is cheap).  alt.eats strives to make note of these restaurants, much in the same way that we’ve chronicled the city’s taco trucks.  This new project will run concurrently with TTC, and we’d love for you to check it out.


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2 responses to “Taco Truck Tour 2010!

  1. Amanda

    Argh! In laws in town, going to the theatre and then Andy’s band has a concert that evening…sigh.

    I’ll make one of these someday!

  2. Taylor

    Ooh, ooh, yeah. Now just gotta make sure the calendar is clear. Went once last year and had a great time and great food.

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