The Big Bass Brothers – Taco Trucks in the Funhouse Mirror

Now this was something different… !

When the Big Bass Brothers called us for advice on taco trucks to visit (thanks Columbusfoodie!), we had no idea what to expect. To be honest, we hadn’t heard of them and really didn’t have any idea as to what they did. So, for those who are in the same boat as we were, a quick synopsis – the BBB have a weekly radio show on WTVN 610 that entertainingly covers their lunch adventures as they look for inexpensive quality eats. And bathrooms… mustn’t forget the bathrooms.

Their piece aired yesterday at 3:00pm (and again at 6:00pm), and we gave ’em a listen. Our thoughts?

Well, first off, we’re glad they did it. They gave this site scads of plugs and love, which sent considerable traffic our way. We hope that means that a lot of their listeners will be trying out the trucks.  (Edit – we’ve spoken with a few of the trucks and they definitely saw a good bit of new business over the last few days).

Second, they reminded us of what it’s like to visit a truck for the first time… the tinge of anxiety, discomfort with the language barrier, and uncertainty with unfamiliar foods. As the BBB show is as much entertainment as it is informative, it’s to their credit that the generally dealt with all of this in a fair-minded manner. A bit cringe-worthy, at times – he did not just say ‘go to Giant Eagle and get some taco seasoning,’ did he?! (yes, yes he did…) – but generally honest and fair.

Third, we wish we could’ve been there with them.  They rate their experiences on a scale of 1 to 5 bellies, and when all was said and done their taco truck rating probably averaged out to a 3.  With a little more guidance, we feel pretty confident we could’ve delivered a 5 belly experience.  Well, save for the bathrooms.

You can give it a listen here: link

The trucks mentioned on the show were Otro Rollo, Little MexicoLas Delicias and Los Potosinos (which is closed on Wednesdays). If you want your own 5 belly tour, all of these trucks and more will be included in the tour on April 24th.


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4 responses to “The Big Bass Brothers – Taco Trucks in the Funhouse Mirror

  1. Stanley

    The Big Bass Brothers are . . . idiots, to put it simply. I listen to them purely for the entertainment of listening to . . . 3 idiots spending way too much time talking about what they had for lunch. HEY! If you’re going to go to a Taco Truck don’t expect what you’d expect from Mitchell’s Steak House. It is what it is. As to the Taco Truck —- a great idea given our changing culture to one with a large “Latino” population. Take what the BBB had to say in stride. Nice of them to visit – period. You do a great job.

    • tacodrew

      Oh, I don’t know if I’d go that far… the BBB definitely have their schtick, though, and any given person is probably going have strong feelings about that one way or the other. On balance, I’d say their spot was actually to the benefit of the taco trucks, and we won’t ever complain too much about that.

      Regarding the 3 idiots spending too much time talking about lunch – that could almost describe us to at T!

  2. Thanks for the nice write up guys! Sorry that Corby grew up in Logan and hadn’t seen a taco until he went to Ohio State. I tried to explain to him that he should not expect “Chi Chi’s” or “Taco Bell”… but what do you expect from a guy who puts ketchup on everything? I am looking forward to trying the pollo al carbon at Lydia’s, and the opportunity to get something tasty at Los Gaucho’s. With any luck I will get to meet some of you during your tour this year. Again, thanks for the guidance.


    P.S.-Someone needs to tell Stanley that we ARE in the business of entertaining. We are NOT trying to be the Mobil guide or the Zagat review.

  3. Don’t want to get off on another topic since this is about the Taco Trucks — but if the BBB think they are in the business of entertaining . . . then they need to learn the ART of entertaining. What they offer (and this one horse town accepts) is BABBLE ad nauseum.

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