Taqueria Guadalupe

Sullivant Ave and Wedgewood.
Hours: 10 or 11am until 9pm, every day

Click here to map it!

The marks the first new taco truck of 2010 (that we have visited). There are reports of more new trucks popping up, so stay tuned.

Guadalupe is a tiny trailer of a truck, so small that it bounces up and down when the proprietors move around inside. It is located where Los Tolucos was for a while last summer, on Sullivant Avenue. It is run by two women, the cook who is originally from Tamaulipas, near the border with Texas, has been in Columbus for 18 years and worked in a number of restaurants, her partner is a former caterer.

The current offerings are modest – the standard taco truck fare of tacos, quesadillas, burritos and gorditas but they have plans for weekend specials and more dishes as they get established. Meats on offer last night were chicken, barbacoa, asada, carnitas and al pastor. Our favorites were the asada and al pastor. The tacos were good and the meat was flavorful. The gordita shells were thin so a bit messy to eat, but good nonetheless.

Drink offerings are a standard range of Jarritos, Jumex and bottled water.


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3 responses to “Taqueria Guadalupe

  1. Candice

    Visited this truck last night. The offerings are still limited. My husband got an asada burrito and I got al pastor and barbacoa. The burrito contained a bit more rice and a bit less meat than we’re used to. My tacos were just fine with the exception of limited acoutrement. For both of our meals, we got one hot and one medium sauce and a single quarter of lime for each of us. I need a good deal more than that, personally.

    Also, for four tacos and a burrito the total came to $16! WAY overpriced in comparison to the other taco trucks we’ve tried on the West and North East sides of town. I don’t know that I’d recommend this one. But I will try back when they are a bit more established… and post prices.

    • tacodrew

      There must’ve been some sort of mistake with the cost – $16 sounds really out of line. We’ve only eaten there once, but haven’t had any problems of that nature.

  2. Frank

    I visited this truck yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered two tacos (carne asada) and both were slammed full of juicy flavorful beef, cilantro and onion. I received a single lime wedge, cucumber and radish slices and at a total cost of $3.00 (taped to the counter top was a pricing list, ie. 1 taco = $1.50, 2 tacos = $3.00, 3 tacos = $4.50, etc. etc.). While the smallest truck I have ever visited, I left happy and content. Well-worth a visit.

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