Taco Truck Tour 2010 (and after party) This Saturday!

It’s coming up quickly, so we thought we’d provide a few updates and some advice on how to maximize your taco trucking enjoyment.

First off, a big thanks to Hal and Al’s (on Parsons Ave) who have kindly offered to host an after party for the taco tour. For $8 you will get 4 different bottles of Mexican beer – Dos Equis Amber, Dos Equis Lager, Sol, and Tecate – in a Dos Equis bucket that is yours to keep. There will also be Jarritos Mexican sodas, for those who don’t want beer.

Next item of business – unlike some of our events last year, there will not be a suggested donation for participation.  However, we will provide the opportunity to make donations to the Centro Esperanza Latina (Center for Latin Hope), which is a community development organization that provides a great number of invaluable services for the Latino community in Central Ohio.

Preparation for the event is minimal, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the trucks only accept cash, so please be sure to have some on hand (it shouldn’t take much).  Second, we’re not sure what to expect for weather.  We know that a few raindrops aren’t going to keep us from enjoying the day, but a rain jacket or umbrella might be worth keeping on hand just-in-case.

We will have maps on hand at Taqueria Little Mexico to show locations for the trucks and tell a little about why each is special.  All trucks are easily within a mile of each other.


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6 responses to “Taco Truck Tour 2010 (and after party) This Saturday!

  1. tara

    I have a feeling that you may have a large turn-out, even with the rain! There is alot of excitement in the Hilltop community about the event!

  2. Kevin

    This looks like lots of fun! Will you plan on having future tours throughout the summer?

    • tacodrew

      We forsee at least a couple more events this summer – including a smaller one fairly soon. More details after we get through today’s event.

  3. Mobea

    Houston should have something like that.
    Except the Taco trucks have regular stops that they go to every 15 minutes and there are hundreds of them in the city. They also have a big Latino festival that last all day and till midnight that has all of the Taco trucks lined up like the wagon trains used to in a circle. The stuff that you buy in the food in nothing like the kind you buy off of the Taco trucks. That’s the REAL McCoy! Yum, Yum.

  4. Sorry I missed it. Would have been a nice scooter ride from Cincinnati. Will try to make the next one for sure. The food sounds great.

  5. Taco Fan

    This is so awsome… its great that you’ve taken the time to do all this, wow! Great job, website, articles pictures and the Taco Tour very impresive never thought someone would take the time and think of something like this… Great!

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