Las Delicias II

385 Georgesville Road (by Shannon’s Pub)
Hours 9am-10pm. closed Wednesday
Alternate location at Rhodes Park on Sundays.

Click here to map it!

Carlos, the owner of Las Delicias, has been telling us about plans for a new truck for some time. This week it finally opened, and it is a stones throw from Las Delicias I. The new truck specializes in mariscos (seafood). When we realized that the woman serving our seafood had previously worked at Mi Chula we knew we were in good hands.

The menu is extensive and is divided into tostadas, cocktails (think shrimp cocktail) and empanadas. Options include octopus (pulpo), shrimp (camaron) and fish (pescado). Vuelvea la vida is a mixed seafood cocktail that is supposed to be a good hangover cure.  Ceviche Kora at Mi Chula was a mix of mussels, shrimp and white fish. Campechanco is a completely different set of animals than the dish of the same name at Taco Nazo. Here is a cocktail of cooked shrimp and tender octopus drowned in a red sauce something between a marinara and a salsa and topped with avocado. It is served with saltines or tostadas and would be really refreshing on a hot day.

We will add more details /translations as we try more dishes.

We sampled the aguachile tostada (Hungrywoolf’s favorite from Mi Chula) and it was just as spicy and refreshing as we remembered. It’s hard to see the shrimp in the picture but believe me, they are there.

We also had some of the sopa de mariscos (seafood soup). It might seem bit steep at $10, but you get a huge serving of soup (a quart?), which contains an eye-popping amount of seafood (octopus, squid, shrimp and fish) and a stack of tostadas on the side. Eat as-is, or pile some seafood and a squirt of sauce on the tostadas at eat ’em that way.

The truck also has a limited range of standard taco truck fare including tacos, tostadas and burritos. On Sundays the truck moves to Rhodes Park to cater to the crowds of soccer players.


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2 responses to “Las Delicias II

  1. Frank

    Try the empenadas con camerones y queso, fresh out of the fryer. They are heaven.

  2. Bambiemily1760

    Las delicias tiene Los mejores tacos del gusta comer ahi y mucho!!!!!!!$$

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