Taqueria El Mexicano

SR 161 (E. Dublin Granville Road) and Karl Road in the Sunoco gas station

Click here to map it!

We discovered Taqueria Mexicano thanks to a tip off from one of our twitter followers.  It (was) further north than the other west side trucks and its located in a somewhat deserted spot on Fisher Road (and has now moved to Karl & 161).((And may have moved again…check the comments section)).

The owners are friendly and offer the standard range of taco truck fare: tacos, burritos, quesadilas, tortas. Meats available were carnitas, al pastor, asada, barbacoa and pollo. Our favorite was the al pastor. Tacos were generously filled and the meat was well seasoned with some onions and tomato.

The truck is decorated with pictures of President Obama chowing down on some tacos!

The owners were making a batch of fresh gordita shells while we were there and it was fun watching them press them out, and cook them on large batches on the grill.

Taqueria Mexicano also had a large jar of aqua fresca as well as the usual offerings of Jarritos and water.


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9 responses to “Taqueria El Mexicano

  1. Todd

    I ate at the Taqueria El Mexicano last night. I enjoyed the tacos, they were very tasty. We tried a pork, steak, chicken and chorizo. My wife, who has been to Mexico, said it tasted exactly like her experience there. We also tried the sopas, not sure if that is the correct spelling. It was a small cornmeal bowl with meat, lettuce, onions, cilantro and sour creme. These were good but the tacos were so much better it out-shined them. This truck is a couple miles from where I live and very convenient to get too. It is less then 100 yards from the intersection of Fisher and Wilson. The man doing the cooking spoke English fairly well too. I will be returning.

  2. Josh

    Bought 3 pastor tacos today, and noticed at the end of the transaction that they have a yellow health department citation dated 5/10/10. The tacos are delicious and fresh. Hopefully the health dept. infraction was minor…..because I’m eatin’ em. Also, the truck is now for sale.

  3. William

    I’m not sure if this one’s open anymore. I got up and down Fisher Road on my way to and from work. Don’t feel like I’ve seen the truck there for at least a few weeks now.

    • tacodrew

      Yeah… I just drove by there this evening, and no sight of ’em. Thanks for letting us know that this isn’t just a one time thing.

  4. Larry

    This place does still exist. I found it tonight in the parking lot of a store called “Dream Home Furnishing” next to the Sunoco station listed above. My 3 tacos al pastor were wonderful. I’m new to the taco truck thing, but I thought this place compared very favorably to the others nearby.

    • Coach

      I agree. I am also new to taco trucks. I got two asada tacos. They were delicious. I tried them with both of the salsas that were offered…one green and one red, and both very tasty. The tacos were $1.50 each, not real big, but definitely cooked to order for me! No pre-made stuff. I’ll go back.

  5. tacoconsumer

    this taco truck closed since at least January 2011.

  6. we visited this truck sunday (06/12/2011). the menu has changed considerably and they now offer mostly americanized chinese food. they do have some basic latin fair and we got the carnita tacos which were pretty good. i don’t know if it changed ownership or what but i was disappointed to see the change of direction/less options

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