Mi Pueblito Taqueria

(Near La Cabana Lounge), 2400 E Dublin Granville Rd / SR 161
614.657.2315 / 614.483.0552
6 pm to (closing for La Cabana) to Midnight or later on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday
Caution – this truck has never held to regular hours and is often closed.

Click here to map it!

Mi Pueblito is the new kid on the 161 Taco Truck block, sandwiched between Taco Nazo and Taco Nito’s. The truck first appeared on weekends in April. After an experiment with being open 8am to Midnight or longer daily, the truck resumed weekend evening operations in June.

Isis Vargas is no stranger to the Taco Truck trade. She has worked for other trucks in the past, most recently for Las Delicias on the west side. Since she is just getting started and does not speak much English, for now you need to know what you want to order when you visit. She hopes to have some printed menus with prices in the near future.

Isis offers standard Mexican street food fare: tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and gorditas with chicken, steak or pork. However, since she opens so early she promised to have American style breakfast burritos and pancakes. One the weekends, she plans to offer specials such as menudo and pozole.

Tacos (steak/asada and chicharrón) and gorditas (with a milansa style pork) were sampled on two different recon missions. Isis can cook. Her green salsa was very fresh and better than many sampled at other trucks. We will update this post as Mi Pueblito gets more established. A good first visit to this truck may be on a Friday or Saturday evening when her young son is working.  He speaks fluent English and is happy to guide newcomers through their selections.

Buenas Suerte Isis


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4 responses to “Mi Pueblito Taqueria

  1. tacobloggo

    Keep track of this one it looks great, ever thought of asking her how she makes her salsa verde?, maybe best kept a secret to just enjoy.Happy tacoing

  2. I have only tried the one on 5th at the Dairy Mart, and it was very tasty. Now I’ll need to try this one.

  3. Team

    We stopped by on June 11th and it was closed. No sure if the Mexico game or rain had something to do with it.

  4. Update: I spoke with the son of the owner. Mi Pueblito will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 6 PM to Midnight or later, depending on customer traffic.

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