Taqueria Jalisco II

Note: This truck is still in operation, but is no longer fixed to a location

With the addition of this new truck, Taqueria Jalisco the vendor has become Taqueria Jalisco the franchise.  The Martinez family has put significant time, effort, and money into the kitchen of their new baby, and the results are nothing short of sparkling.

Impressive though it may be, the kitchen’s real advantage comes from allowing the truck to provide an expanded menu offering that includes a significant number of full meals (‘special plates’).

For example, see the carne asada above – as straightforward as it is satisfying, this dish is a simple seasoned and grilled piece of skirt steak with sides of rice and beans.  Tortillas come on the side.

The pollo loco is another plate special – a lightly spiced half chicken also accompanied by beans, rice, and tortillas.

Highlighting TJ2’s seafood offerings is the aguachiles – a tart and refreshing mix of uncooked shrimp, lime juice, cilantro, diced vegetables, and jalapeno pepper.  Served with tostadas on the side (pile the aguachiles on top and eat), aguachiles make for a pleasant bite on a hot day.

TJ2 also offers the full range of items from their first truck and makes them with your choice of carne asada, pollo, al pastor, carnitas, chorizo or lengua.  Through May, they’re offering tacos for $1.00 each.

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  1. Carmen

    They were gone last Friday. Any idea if they relocated?

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