El Simoncito

5005 Chatterton Rd.
Open 10am – 10pm daily

Click here to map it!

The employees at El Simoncito are men (and women) of few words:

“Do you have a menu?” (there wasn’t one posted.)


“What do you serve?”


Oooo-kaaaay then.  Well, we ordered a couple of… (drum roll please)… tacos.

The tacos themselves – not bad, actually. The al pastor was nicely seasoned and the carne asada was, in every way shape and form, carne asada-ish. Salsas were good, with the nod going to the fiery green avocado/guac style.

We’d have liked to try more, but the ‘speaking’ barrier was a bit off-putting. Frustratingly, this didn’t seem to be a matter of an inability to communicate so much as the lack of will to try, and we say that having just enough Spanish under our belts to feel confident in knowing the difference.

El Simoncito, ladies and gentlemen: they have tacos.

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One response to “El Simoncito

  1. Kris

    This has been closed for some time – truck sat is the parking lot for some time even it was moved – but it’s long gone.

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