Los Texanos


Los Texanos
727 East Weber Rod (parking lot of Weber Stop Market) Near intersection of Weber and Homecroft
Monday to Saturday 11 am to 8 pm
(updated December 2012)

Click here to map it!

The Martinez family is planning a new sign for the side of their truck, but they are still debating whether it should say Mexican, Tex-Mex, or both. The family hails from Texas and wife Lucila cooked Tex-Mex food there for 15 years before they moved to Ohio.

They previously operated in Mount Sterling, Ohio, and the move to Columbus is a step towards their ultimate goal of opening their own restaurant. there first location was the Sunoco gas station on West Broad street at the end of April 2010. In August 2010 they moved to the Weber Road location.

Every day Los Texanos has a different $5 lunch special ranging from mole to enchiladas to today’s option (above) of a chicken flauta, a tostada and a corn taco served with rice and beans. It’s a great deal.

The tacos were solid – pictured above are the two beef options – asada (chopped steak) and molida (ground beef). The green salsa was fresh and vibrant but packed a punch. Always a good idea to test the heat first!

Lucilia makes her own tortilla chips for the South West nachos. She apologized because her microwave was broken – normally the cheese would be melted.

Lucila (pictured below) also makes her own flour tortillas, which is rare, even in Mexican restaurants.

The truck does not serve any drinks, but drinks are available in the gas station next door.


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26 responses to “Los Texanos

  1. JeffK

    Went here for lunch today with a pal: We will definitely be back! I got the lunch special #4 @$5 and was rewarded with a delicious plate of beef taco & tostada, chix flauta, rice & beans. My friend got 4 pork tacos and enjoyed them tremendously. The service was friendly and quick and Lucila’s tortillas are excellent. This will likely be a frequent lunch spot for my pal and me!

  2. Went today after one and saw no sign of them. I also noticed that Los Camperos restaurant was dark inside at lunchtime, so it looks like they might be gone for good. Perhaps Los Texanos is already in the process of taking the spot?

  3. mario

    Mario from Texanos here, stand got moved down the road by UDF. Cant miss, but have been closed for a while due tp some circumstances(generator stolen first day). we will be back soon.Hope to see our followers again soon. thanx everyone

    • hungrywoolf

      Mario, we’re sorry to hear about your generator. Hope you are back in action soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. Los Texanos

    hey guys. tryin to keep updated as possible. Los Texanos has moved down the road a bit again, it is behind a shop called ENT Transmissions still on Broad, very close to our first location.

  5. Google shows it as ENR Transmissions at 830 W Broad, just FYI for those searching.

  6. Brian

    *****FIVE STARS*****
    Since my newly found love of taco trucks, Los Texanos is BY FAR the best. I have traveled 30 miles from my house just to get Taco’s from Los Texanos. However on 7/13/2010 I had a craving for Lucila’s awesome food but I could not find it. I drove the streach 4 times searching before I gave up and headed down Broad in search of another truck.

  7. Thanks Columbus, for your business we will be out of Columbus, for remodeling, need new space.

  8. Brian

    Very sad. Please let us know when you come back. I was just craving some of your food today. In my opinion, the best in Columbus.

  9. Thanks for the support, if anybody knows of a spot please let us know, definitely want to come back soon.

  10. Jason

    Julian – are you setup in Mt. Sterling again? Please let us know if you come back – we (I and some friends who pre-ordered a lot of food last month) miss your fresh tortillas and great food!

  11. Can You guys update my Address, 900 Weber Columbus close to 71.

  12. Julie

    Yum! I heard about this site on WOSU the other day and searched for the closest truck to work. I am oh, so glad I did! I got a 3 taco lunch special and it’s fabulous!

    Since it’s been awhile since the address was verified in the comments I’ll also confirm that they were right there at 900 Weber as stated.


  13. PaulG

    Los Texanos is open for the 2011 season. Still at the 900 E. Weber location. Same menu, same prices, same friendly people and great food!

    It’s been a long winter without them.

  14. Julian Estrada

    Hello, this is Julian Estrada

    We are currently , trying to open our new taco truck, and its new location, the spot where we were located is now taken by our old truck,will inform you when we are up and running , new menu, new truck and hopefully new spot , thank you.

  15. Julian Estrada

    New location, next to Weber Stop Market.
    727 E Weber rd, Columbus 43211 .
    614-364-8968——- 614-629-8135.

  16. Best Taco Truck Ever!!!! Loved the food and owners. 😀 Flavors are amazing! Cant wait to go back! Totally recommend this business!

  17. Larz Toyama

    Quality has gone down as well as the friendly customer service that existed before now that the owner’s son and daughter in law are running it. Too bad, but maybe that will change but so far things aren’t what they used to be.

  18. Mars

    Yummy freakin’ tacos. Located on Weber Rd just east of I-71. Addictive!

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