Rincon Latino

1865 Heritage Square
Brice Road
Open daily 10-10pm (Sunday moves to a park on Livingston Ave)

Click here to map it!

Thanks to one of our readers, Jeff Fish, for the heads-up on this truck. This is the third summer that Rincon Latino has been open so we were surprised that we haven’t heard of it before.

Rincon Latino (Latin Corner) is a Dominican owned truck and has an extensive menu serving a variety of Dominican, Mexican and American food. One of the specialities are the fruit smoothies. The tropical feast was a mixed fruit smoothie with lots of strawberry.

The daily specials are also recommended. They vary daily but today’s offering was yellow rice and peas with beef stew. The beef had a lot of flavor but wasn’t as tender as I would have liked. All in all a good meal and deal.

We also tried some empanadas, both had a thin crisp shell and were served with a cocktail-like-secret-sauce. The melted cheese was simple. The chicken was shredded and cooked with green peppers and generously spiced with black pepper.

We hope to return to try the mofongo, plantains and cuban sandwiches.


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13 responses to “Rincon Latino

  1. Kenley

    Thank you for this priceless information! I had to be out in Pickerington for some reason and Rincon Latino made my trip worthwhile. A group of men was playing dominoes and drinking beer from a cooler on a Saturday afternoon, like you will see in every town in the DR. The tropical fiesta smoothie was excellent. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Chuck B

    Checked out Rincon Latino for lunch today. Tacos (al pastor & chicken) were GREAT! Also tried an order of fried plantains. They were tasty w/ the garlic butter dipping sauce (think Papa John’s dipping sauce) as well as with their “special” sauce. Did not see the empanadas on the menu, but will ask about it next time. Nice people running the stand! Had a few seats at the window, as well as a tent w/ tables & chairs as well. Plenty of parking (as it is in a parking lot) for Scraming Willies & an Antique Mall. Also helpful was that there was a Huntington Bank w/ ATM right next door! This ranks high on my list of C-Bus street food!!!

  3. Yamilda .

    – the dios here is GREAT i love iht . Mah favorite is the cuban sandwich with a morir sonando :p
    – LOVE Iht

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  5. Kris

    This truck has been closed for about 1/2 year + @ this point – sad – their food was wonderful…

    • tacodrew

      Hi Kris – thanks for the update on this truck and Simoncito. Since it sounds like you frequent an area on the east side where trucks occasionally pop up, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know if you see any new truck coming on.

      • Kris

        Yay – drove by today & they’re back – looks like we have lunch plans for tomorrow..,

  6. Jen

    I just called them yesterday; the lady who answered said they will be open Friday and from then on (I think for the summer at least). They’re still located in Heritage Square!

  7. david

    i love the food it is the best food iv had since i was in doninican republic wow 15 out of 10

  8. Larry W. Virden

    I haven’t seen the truck lately – but my hours by this area are sporadic

  9. Frank

    This food was really great, worth the trip. Everything is so clean! Its unbelivable!! Very nice pretty ladies running it. Music and ppl playing dominos … Just great . Best food in Reynoldsburg!

  10. Bobby Burgess

    The mafungo…the mafungo. …the mafungo! !!!!!

  11. owner of RL


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