Taqueria El Trancazo

880 Weber Road (near the west wall of the Weber Road Market / cross street: Pontiac)
(Closed, Verified August 6th 2010)
614 886 4467

Click here to map it!

Taco Trucks Columbus is very much a team effort. As a trio, duo or sometimes solo we scout, photograph, research and write about all things taco truck in Columbus. Another important part of the team is our loyal taco touristas who fill us in on new finds. Our latest assist comes from @nspeelman a long time reader and supporter. We say mucha gracias!

Taqueria El Trancazo opened on June 3rd. The owner, Jorge Medina is new to the taco trade but has lived in Columbus for six years. His menu is as short as his taco truck but covers the standards that are the baseline offerings for most trucks in the Columbus area. He does have one item that veers from the standard – chorizo con huevos (sausage with eggs) which can be ordered as a topping for any item on the menu.

Jorge also pours homemade aqua frescas and horchata. He hopes to offer one or two special dishes on the weekends after he gets a few more weeks of business under his belt. He did mention one meat variety that cannot be found on any menus elsewhere in Columbus but we are bound by the taco truck code of honor not to release this secret.

El Trancazo may be a good entry level truck for first time taco truckers on the north/central side of Columbus. This area is somewhat residential and if you are traveling with taco truck doubters there is an alternative mobile food vendor across the street.

TJ’s Cafe is open everyday from 3pm to 8pm. The small cart serves hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wraps and a few other items. This is the second summer in the mobile food trade for the very affable owner. When he lost his job he decided to start his own business and has found it rewarding to date.


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2 responses to “Taqueria El Trancazo

  1. E Weber in Linden is definitely off the beaten path, but it is dotted here and there with businesses. Didn’t know these were a couple of them, but I’m sure the taco truck will be a big hit (Spanish speakers will get it).

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