Taqueria y Pupuseria Salvadorena

In the parking lot of Monaco’s Palace & Catering
(now at the parking lot of 2400 E Dublin Granville Road)
Open 3 pm-10pm Sunday to Thursday
Open 11 Am to “late” (2 AM or later) Friday and Saturday

Click here to map it!

There is a growing number of non-Mexican food trucks (8th Taste, El Manantial, Pupuseria y Taqueria Usulateca, and Las Catrachas). The newest of these can be found on Cleveland Avenue, just North of Morse Road. The speciality is pupusas and there is a choice of six different fillings. Pupusas are $2 each. They take a little longer to make than tacos, as each is made to order, but they are worth the wait.

We tried the rebuletas pupusa. It had a nice crust and the filling was a steaming hot mix of meat, beans and cheese. As is traditional the pupusa came with a side of curtido, a spicy cabbage slaw. We could smell the vinegar when we approached the truck, but the flavor was not overpowering. It was some of the best curtido we have had.

The special weekend menu will feature tamales, plantains and some other Salvadorean specialities.  We’ll return soon to check out some of these as well as the rest of the daily menu.


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7 responses to “Taqueria y Pupuseria Salvadorena

  1. And I haven’t even tried the pupuseria down the street yet. I would have to try the loroco pupusa.


  2. Jeff

    My wife and I stopped by here last (HOT!) Friday night. The chicharron and pollo pupusas were fabulous! This truck is going heavy in our rotation. Keep up the good work tacotruckscolumbus!

  3. Jen

    This truck appears to be for sale and no longer operational 😦

  4. I’ve been twice in May/June 2011, as recently as Saturday the 25th June and they were still operational. Given that it takes 15 minutes to get an order in, I like calling ahead to the 2678 number.

  5. This truck has been decommissioned as of this time. The truck taking over its space next to the Cabana nightclub is ‘el taco peton’. They serve pupusas, as well as a full list of other options. Their phone is 614-537-1311, and their business card indicates they roast mutton (borrego) on Sundays.

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