El Patacon

552 Norton Road (Sunoco station parking lot)
Open 10am – 9pm (starting August 2, 2010)

Click here to map it!

So lets say that an individual of Mexican origins came to the US and worked in the kitchen of a popular South American restaurant in town.  And lets say that this individual came to really like the food that she was making in this kitchen – the arepas, the patacon, the addictive cilantro sauce – and decided to try her hand at providing such menu items at a taco truck she just recently purchased.

That individual’s taco truck would probably be something like El Patacon, and its menu would be likely to look something like this:

Upon seeing this menu, we’d probably be pretty eager to try a few things… perhaps the pabellon criollo and the patacon.

We’d eagerly dig into the pabellon criollo (below). This dish, consisting of rice, beans, shredded beef, plantains, ‘arepitas‘, and lettuce & peppers as garnish, is generally considered to be the dish of Venezuela. A few squirts of the cilantro sauce later, and we’d comment on how a meal this delicious might justifiably be a cause for national pride.  The tender shredded beef, stewed in a piquant spice mix, plays well with the beans and adds character to the rice, we’d note, and probably sum it up as being a great dish… and a very filling one as well.

*sigh*…having reached the limit of our appetites, the patacon would have to wait for later… so we’d take it with us, and reheat it as a late night snack.  Three of us would try it, and three of us would enjoy it immensely – it may be one of those dishes, we’d think, that improves as it’s allowed to sit.  The patacon itself (a smashed whole banana) would maintain its texture but absorb some of the flavor from the beef.  As the beef would seem to be the same as that used for the pabellon criollo, this would be observed to be a big good thing.

In conclusion, we’d say that the west side just acquired a great new option for Colombian and Venezuelan cuisine, and we’d probably be discussing a return trip soon.


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13 responses to “El Patacon

  1. I loved the narrative about El Patacon. I future tense was creative. I could hear the voice of the narrator from Tracy Ulman’s last series in my head as i read it..and the food sounds great too. Thanks for this site!!

  2. Jeff K

    I sense a lunch time road trip coming on!

  3. Nicole

    Yay! Finally I have a place to take my friends that are not able to come downtown for the awesome patacon!

    Trip planned for tommorow!

  4. Nicole

    Tried the truck this weekend. The food was good. We had the Chicken Patacon and arepa. The parking lot where it was located was a little dodgy with the gas station customers so I think we will eat in the car next time.

  5. tacodrew

    Glad you enjoyed it, actually kinda surprised that you found the area to be dodgy.

  6. Nicole

    I grew up in the west side and always thought that Norton Rd. was pretty safe so I was also suprised. It may have just been that particular Saturday afternoon. It will not stop me from visiting again. I think I will just chose to dine in the car to avoid the prostitues trying to score drugs on the pay phone next to us. I like my spicyness to come from my food 🙂

  7. Carmen

    I tried the chicken patacon for lunch. It was tasty but she was just opening at 11:15 on a Thurs. She did aplogize citing a family emergency. Luckily I had time to wait over 20 min as they set up and cooked.

  8. Duane

    Checked this place out last week, had the Pabellon and a quesadilla for my son. Left very happy, and full. Going to have to make a return trip soon.

  9. Duane

    Driven by several times over the last week, and it’s been MIA each time. Not sure what’s up. Hopefully, it’s nothing major.

  10. Stella

    Does anyone know if this place is still up and running? I’d love to try it out if it is!

  11. Jen

    We just tried to go Tuesday night, to no avail:( There’s a pupuseria in it’s place now (which is pretty good). The lady there said she didn’t know anything about it, and she’s been there for a while. There’s also another taqueria on Norton; we asked them, too, and they’d never heard of it either.

  12. shoplift3r

    It’s a little odd that the truck in the shopping center had never heard of them, but I guess not *too* odd considering the short amount of time El Patacon was in the Sunoco parking lot. Agreed that the pupuseria is pretty good though!

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