3868 Sullivant Ave
Open every day, 10am – 10pm

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Weird happenings on the west side: Las Catrachas, until recently our city’s only Honduran truck, moved to a location on Sullivant Ave. across from Otro Rollo, and Hondumex has assumed its original location. What does Hondumex do? Burritos, tacos, and pretty much every Honduran menu item that Las Catrachas carries.

This curious converted RV’s pupusas and baleadas don’t quite live up to the high standards set by Catrachas, but their tajadas de guineo con pollo (a Catrachas specialty) is almost identical… which is to say very good… and, as of our visit, not listed on the menu.

If you crave tajadas or baleadas on a day when Las Catrachas is closed, Hondumex will scratch the itch.


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4 responses to “HonduMex

  1. Nicole

    I thought something was different! We tried to eat there a couple weekends ago and the truck was gone. We went back this past weekend and a new truck was there. We ordered our usuals and I noticed something was a bit different. Sometimes that happens to me though in my truck dining and I didn’t think too much about it. I will eat at both carts now!

    I am suprised I didn’t see the Las Catrachas truck since we went to the bakery afterwards. Shows how observant I am!

  2. Ed Ponce

    I tried to find this taco truck to weeks ago on a Thursday and I could not find it. Someone told me that it is only open on the weekends; however the info on this website indicates that they are open every day. Can someone clarify which days this truck is open?

    • tacodrew

      Yeah, we’ve had similar experiences. They told us they were open every day, but we’ve definitely been by when they should’ve been there but weren’t.

      We’ll keep an eye on it, and assuming they haven’t just closed up altogether we’ll ask them for the, um, revised schedule!

    • gloria

      Hi im just want to let people know that this truck is open just the weekends because the city dont let they park every day that whythe dont open every day

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