The Fall of Taco Trucks

(Picture above: This trailer was once orange and white with the nombre of Taqueria Mi Pueblita. A new color scheme and with a new owner who knows what the future might bring.)

The summer of 2010 saw a surge of taco trucks in Columbus with the number topping over forty at one point. The fall seems to see several trucks sliding down the slope of success. Some have disappeared, several have changed locations, changed hands or changed hours of operation. Many of our Taco Truck owner/operator/friends have told us business has slowed down a bit this year.

We are working to track down leads on trucks we have heard about but never found or at least never found open. We are also updating our maps and posts for trucks that have moved or closed. We can use your help. If you find a new truck (trailers or carts count) or a moved truck – let us know but please include (when possible) an address or cross street, hours of operation and/or a phone number. Gracias.

This was a grand season for the taco trade. Quicho from Taco Nazo catered for Rick Bayless at the North Market. Juniors Tacos and Taqueria Jalisco both opened second trucks for catering and alternate locations. Taco Trucks appeared in the Short North for Gallery hop (Juniors), The Columbus Sangria Festival (Juniors), Pecha Kucha (Juniors) and several private parties and special events (Taco Nazo and others).

La Vida Taco/Taco Truck Culture continues to grow. This slice of Latino life can be seen and experienced best at Rhodes Parks on the West side. The Latino community gathers here on Sundays for soccer and siestas. There are a mix of food vendors each Sunday including two or three taco trucks. You can get a taste of this experience from Hungry Woolf.

A Day in the Park with a Hungry Woolf

Mobile Food Mania continues to explode in the capital city and Taco Trucks are very much on the speeding train that this trend has become. Taco Truck friendly festivals are in the works (at the Ohio Historical Society October 14th and Food Cart Food Court at Wonderland on October 17th). We also saw the first gringo taco truck open in Columbus – Mojo TaGo via Street Eats

Another event this year was the birth of Columbus Food Adventures. Two of our team (hungrywoolf & taco drew) now offer public and private tours of taco trucks in Columbus. This season tours will run to the end of October and then will start up again in the spring. Their guided tours are great for those intimidated to visit taco trucks by themselves, or for those who want more information about the food and culture.

The Three Amigos of Taco Trucks Columbus are frequently described as frenetically busy. This is very true. We are engaged in writing many food related blogs (collectively – seven), plotting projects and executing events at any given time. However, this site is still our baby and we remain committed to keeping it updated and useful to our readers. Thanks for your continued support.

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