Los Chilangos

homemade tortillas

3911 Sullivant Avenue
614.599.7365 or 614.360.6053
Open 10am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

Click here to map it!

Update – Los Chilangos have a new location on Demorest Road. They are working towards opening a restaurant at that location and at the moment you can sit inside the restaurant while you eat. Once the kitchen is finished they will transition from the truck to the restaurant. They continue to make homemade tortillas (really good) and we’d recommend their lengua as well.


Los Chilangos marks our first find of the 2011 taco truck season, and it’s an interesting one. Tortas are their calling card, and they quickly distinguish themselves by having a selection of over 20 of them to choose from.

And, they distinguish themselves in the super-sizing game as well – your average torta is already a big meal, but these things are out of control:

They’re good, too. Pictured above is the ‘nortena’, a satisfying behemoth that includes egg, chorizo, and milaneza.

Beyond tortas, the offerings are minimal – tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and huaraches round it out. Surprisingly, though, these were every bit as satisfying as the tortas (we’ve tried all save the burrito). Corn tortillas are made in-truck, make for a delicious differentiator, and are used not only with the tacos but also for the quesadillas. The thicker, also cornmeal-derived huarache base was also conspicuously handmade.



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3 responses to “Los Chilangos

  1. Lori

    That torta menu makes me want to start at the top & have them one by one.

    Until I have to go in for angioplasty, anyway.

  2. miguel

    chidas tortas las de pierna oh yeah

  3. -V-

    We had chorizo, lengua, and freshly made carnitas today and they were exquisite. Their tortillas were better than the ones I’ve had in Mexico and the meat (especially the carnitas and lengua) was succulent.

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